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    Does anyone know why my MSR did this?

      Hello .. Today i was playing Search and Destroy on MW3 online and i chose my MSR and idk what happened but the MSR was like long and weird and i took a snapshot of it on the beginning of the game because i thought it was weird .. it doesnt let me upload it so i can show it to you guys but anyone know why is was like that? was it like a glitch or ? im not sure thats why im asking ..

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          Re: Does anyone know why my MSR did this?

          I have a hunch, it happens in Mw1 ALOT. My friend is a PC gamer and him and his friends use something called Pro Mod, it just zooms out your screen so you can see more of your gun from my understanding, for instance and bear with me on this (haven't played Mw1 in like 2 months, I use the R700 and I can see more of my gun then I'm suspose to....he told me it was someone using Pro Mod, never used it in my life or seen it in Mw3 but someone could of been useing it.

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