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        10. Re: majority of players simply suck.

        Neither K/D, W/L nor SPM indicates for themselves if a player is "good" on not!


        Sure, it depends on Gamemode, playing in an Clan, playing the objective and sometimes on the maps - but: Closely reading  a players stats - and "last played matches" might show you if he´s "good", "average" or "noob"!


        Anyway: You´ll only see it when playing against him - or with him!


        I do not depend on playing with my clan - I am able to be a "game-changer" - if I am not playing with

        some absolute beginners, people not playing the objective - and the oppenents stay playing the objective!


        My stats are as follows:


        Playing Time: 92,5 hrs. (71 hrs DOM, 15hrs TDM, 5hrs KC)

        Total Score: 2,002,770

        Total Kills: 14,207

        over all K/D (not depending on Game-Mode!): 1.22

        average SPM (not depending on Game-Mode): 361

        W/L (not depending on Game-Mode): 65%

        Prestige 5, Level 25

        Clan-Level 11 (Medium Clan 25 Members)


        On last weekends Clan-Op (Core TDM) I made 321 Kills in 2.5 hrs.

        Almost the same in KC the week before...and before...


        So judge yourself, if you think I am "good" or "average"....

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          11. Re: majority of players simply suck.

          I think you seem good. better than me lol

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            12. Re: majority of players simply suck.

            I don't think SPM is all that important for two reasons



            1) The higher the SPM the chances that someone psuedo boosts; where the go around and jump on tags that aren't theirs or camp objectives and until it's about to be capped and get the points. This happens a lot and is easy to spot if you're looking for it



            2) SPM can go through the roof if you only go for kills. Look at DOM, 50pts a kill multiplied over 20 kills 1000 points. How hard is it to get a 30-40 kills in a DOM match? I don't think it's that hard at all. Mix in some offensive points for getting those spawnkills and you have a SPM in the 300-400's easily while maintaining a high K/D.



            Does this show skill? No, it just shows how good you are of taking shortcuts

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              13. Re: majority of players simply suck.

              I agree! SPM might be reached this way in DOM - but: It must not!

              People who do not play on the objective in DOM can easily reach 30+ kills - but there are also players who do play the objective and reach 30+ or even40+ kills in an DOM match!


              SPM is not only an indicator for high kill ratio - it´s also an indicator for people playing

              the objective successfully - and who do support their teammates!


              I am never playing DOM only to get kills or even an + K/D!

              If I am in an match with opponents who deny playing the objective, my K/D is going down sometimes on 0.50 - because I am playing the objective, I am never Spawn-Camping, camping or using "hiding Perks or attachments"!



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                14. Re: majority of players simply suck.

                join my clan lol

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                  15. Re: majority of players simply suck.

                  Forget stats, there is only one sure way to find out if someone is any good or not.  Watch them play.

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                    16. Re: majority of players simply suck.

                    My stats are as followed:

                    Prestige 5 Lvl 24.

                    K/D: 2.17

                    SPM: 465

                    W/L: 57%

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                      17. Re: majority of players simply suck.

                      i dont think you can put much into the stats of someone in this COD.

                      with all the lagg and gettin throw in BS matches certainly aint helping anyone out.


                      my stats as followed:

                      prestige 8 level 34

                      6 days 13h played


                      kills: 21001

                      K/D: 1.44



                      score: 2.987.485

                      SPM: 318



                      TBH these stats are way down then what i used to avg in previous cod lol.

                      heck they might be right where i was when i started playing this series in 2007.


                      also when i look at the leaderboards of my friendlist i see a couple of people who have a higher SPM then me.

                      But when you look closer you will seethat in terms of kills,death,captures and defends that nobody is no way near me lol.


                      for instance with kills on HQ i got 16.591 and the closest to me has 6560 lol

                      Captures is even bigger: i got 1813 and the closest is 670.

                      defends i got 3757 and the closest to me has 1176.


                      yet all got a higher SPM lol.

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                        18. Re: majority of players simply suck.

                        il bet your friends didnt play  6 days and 13 h.


                        you 16.591 the closet 6560 ,you probably played way more then that guy



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                          19. Re: majority of players simply suck.

                          Or better yet guys, go into league play and actually find out how good you are compared to everyone else.


                          Sadly, so many people who play this game often are so scared of genuine competition, they avoid it at all cost.

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