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    New engine

      Which engine do you guys think will be better for the next call of duty.anvil next engine or unreal engine 4 which will be better

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          They'll probably use some form of the IW engine again.

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            Activision uses there own engine for the games. I'm assuming they've been hard at work developing a new one for the Next Gen consoles which is why they've still be recycling the old engine.


            They're incredibly expensive to develop so before people start posting how lazy and greedy the Devs are for recycling think of the expenses and the shear amount of time (several years) it takes to develop a revolutionary gaming engine

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                Yea like a next gen iw engine.Like in ac3 anvil next engine and in this cod they should better textures models graphics lag AI .They should really bring a new setting start out fresh like what ac3 did and new characters

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                Depends if the next CoD is made on next-gen platforms. If it isn't, then the IW Engine will make a return. If it is however, then it will most likely have to be a new engine. If it is a New Engine, then it will probably be another iteration of the iD Tech engine.

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                    Yea I just really want the graphics to be polished.And just be better I will love I brand new setting because we are always going to the same place same old same old and the engine for the next gen will be good.If they get it right with graphics visuals and let this cod be very improved like a big change.