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    there is literally no reason NOT to use SMGs

      they are better than every other weapon type by miles, they have more bullets, fire faster, load faster, make you run like a rabid crack-addicted greyhound and the most accurate ones can out-snipe sniper rifles. Why even bother with anything else?


      Shotguns are useless outside of thirty feet


      Snipers are useless, period. You CAN do well with a sniper, but against a room full of even halfway competent SMG users, it's highly unlikely.


      ARs are basically slower more accurate SMGs, but still take at least 3 hits to kill and SMGs get higher rate of fire anyway, and the MSMC and PDW have no issues at long range. ARs are generally limited to 30 round magazines, the PDW has 50 BULLETS TO START WITH. WHAT?!


      LMGs are so heavy and slow you will never survive the onslaught of Super Meth-head Gun users long enough to make your 100 round magazine matter.


      Any idiot can pick up an SMG and rock a room with it, why bother playing a game that caters to skill-less play?