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      Reporter: Justin B

      Product: BO2

      Version: PS3


      Platform: PS3


      critical, major


      after unlocking diamond camo (in my situation) went to custom game without a party and selected create a class only for the game to hard freeze the system


      this has happened twice now, both times shortly after unlocking diamond camo for the class (shotguns, snipers)

      after exiting out of public matches, i went to custom games to see the diamond camo on my guns and when selecting create a class the game froze momentarily, i pressed "o" to back out of the create a class, then pressed "x" to try again (create a class) after getting to the "choose class" screen, the game hard froze and had to manually reset the system (ps3)


      all updates installed (which is obvious) not playing on a cracked/jail broken system

      upper right hand corner of screen displays the numbers 23.442.18