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    Stealth Chopper needs a buff


      Seriously...why is the stealth chopper basically more or less equal to BO1 dogs/the MW3 pavelow in terms of kills in TDM, but garbage players can mindlessly take it down in 2 shots with their easy lock on launchers?


      It should be as difficult to shoot down as it took me to put up. Like the MW3 pavelow.

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          I don't mind, it's good the way it is, I hated Cobra on BO, if stealth chopper becomes another one then it will only bring more annoying matches, as if the lag and op weapons weren't already enough.


          I have already met few annoying clans on KC, GG7 is back, that is already pissing me off, I started to hate them at BO and even more on MW3 because all they ever did was use noobtubes, OP weapons, stack the streaks, it was dogs and choppers every time, worst part is that eventually all you can do is play FFA if the old clans get back active for this game, so far the streaks on this game seem to be ok, not too useless, but not too good either.


          In CoD you just can't be so good that you could beat a group of organized players who just start spamming you with launchers if they happen to get even one tough player against them.

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              I'm talking TDM. It's underpowered as hell for a 10-11 killstreak. Like tonight I was playing a match against some SMG clowns and my team was terrible. I played cautiously to build up my score to stage a comeback and finally got enough for my chopper...put it up in the air and BAM shot down before it can do anything.


              Needless to say I was pissed. I almost punched a hole in my wall. It either needs a buff or a score decrease in TDM or something. It shouldn't be shot down so easily for a streak that high.

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              It's called balance segaboy. The chopper has to be found visually (since it's hidden from radar), and if it gets a beat on you and starts firing, you're dead.


              If the enemy has any intelligence, they'll shoot down any air point streak out of the sky. Because it needs to have some sort of counter. Example, some guy was just murdering the xmas newbies on my team and called in a VTOL warship, but me and 2 other guys all had rocket launchers, so he didn't get a single kill before it got shot down.

              Every point streak has some sort of counter to it, from UAV (shoot it down), to Swarm (stay inside and away from window


              If you're wondering what counters dogs. A guardian, yes it actaully causes them to slow down too.




              So stop acting like a puss and man up that a decent level pointstreak won't hand you free kills.

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                You can use 2 Black Hat PDAs to take it down as well but it's tough if your not running Blind Eye. If it spots you and your out in the open, your toast.


                But I agree, everything in this game has a counter to it.

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                  I'd would like to have it buff up but i think i like it as the way it is...heck i got at least 20 kills off from just 2 of those and no one (and i mean NO ONE) ever bother to take it down and letting the chopper do it's job while i still gain kill after kill but at times it goes down after a couple of kills but then again it's a bit painful to how hard it is to get it back again. So maybe adding a extra flare is fine by it or a slight damage boost. If not, then im totally fine with it

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                      Ya a 3rd flare might be cool, that way it couldn't get taken down by only one person's AA load.


                      But...Even when I do shoot them down, I don't usually manage to do it with one life.....I'm not wearing the counter perks, so trying to take it down with an FHJ usually adds at least a couple kills to the owners record. And even if you manage to find it while it's not looking at you, someone else will get you while you're gawking up at the sky.....so the team gets some kills too lol.


                      Alternatively, you can always just stay inside until it self-destructs......as one tends to do with swarm.


                      Probably aimed more toward objective mode than TDM where outdoor suppression has a definite tactical advantage.

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                      Sometimes I think they need to something different with the scoring system altogether.  Like kills should be worth more in TDM or you get more points than you do now for shooting down a UAV since there are so many of those.  These high killsteaks are hard to get in TDM especially when you're not in a party. Which by the way I don't know how I keep getting on these horrible teams that never shoot down air support.  Wish I got on the team you were playing against. 


                      Is it really harder to take down though than a pavelow?  A pavelow was one shot with a javelin.  All you needed was blind eye and the launcher.  I believe it was two shots with the smaw. 

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                        the stealth chopper is overall balanced compared to other streaks. only issue is not gettign 125-150 points per kill in TDM/FFA. and im leaning to 135 points a kill. as i said many times. UAV needs to be 500-525 scorestreak. and score per kill in TDM/FFA needs to be 135. at that point value all the streaks are 1. more attcheavable, and have all streaks balanced to there usefullness. 


                        aka. points per kill is real issue. not value of scorestreak. with exception of UAV, and sorda counterUAV which should be 25 points more/less than UAV.

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                          Who care if it's hard or easy to take it down, all you need is a class that have the perk blindeye and a rocket launder, stealth copper donnt need to be buff

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                            Isn't it a 1-flare vehicle like the MW3 Pave Low?

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                              You dont even need a rocket to take down air support these days. Anything with FMJ on will take down your precious stealth chopper in about 5 seconds. xD.