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        I feel like the longer it takes for Treyarch to do something the harder it will be find these peoplle. Let's just hope that they get punished for violating the terms of condtitions. I agree this doesn't afffect me in any way but it's giving the community the message that they won't do anything if you brake the terms of conditions. Very good post!!

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          killasapo wrote:


          so many cry babies !!!!!


          they are working on it just because it doesn't happen when you want it to happen doesn't mean they are not working on it


          follow the activison twitter feed and you will see they are working on it


          Dec 29th  @ATVIAssist


          "thank you for your patience as our teams work on the update to come. If you see cheaters in-game, please report them ^SG"


          just keep reporting the offenders as "cheating" and they will get to them


          in MW3 it took them on avg 2 to 3 weeks to reset a booster/token glitcher , one guy i reported it took them damn near a month to get to him but they got him


          it looks like they are trying to roll a update out before they either release the ban or reset hammer on these scumbags


          don't worry it's coming

          Trust me I could care less about them, but I have never seen them so indifferent about these early proliferating glitches. As a consumer it is concerning, I hoped they would have addressed this sooner. Thanks for posting.

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            how can you unwillingly or accidently glitch lol.


            you actually have to do something before it happens.


            you dont join a game and back out right away and you glitched lol.


            if joinend a few lobbys where people where boosting and instead of quitting i killed them all and actually played the objective and won the game.


            nothing happend to my account in terms of glitching and i did not got deranked or whatever.


            all treyarch got to do is watch the match where the report comes from and see what you where doing.

            as long as you dont do anything wrong nothing happens.


            heck i had the weird camo **** happen to me where i got a gold camo for a weapon i did not finish all the challenges but i did not get punished.


            unless you call being on the bad side of lagg punishment lol.

            that im getting a severe beatdown

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                   Been seeing something about a wildcard glitch out there now too, that allows you to bypass the pick 10 system.  Does this one not effect anyone either?  When you make the rules, that's final.  Letting an exploitation slide because "it isn't hurting anyone" is a bad way to conduct business.  Where do you draw the line?  Who decides when it's ok to cheat and when it isn't?

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                YES! As I said, they remain quiet and more issues are being created! TREYARCH DO SOMETHING!

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                  Treyarch hope you have an happpy new year hope you sort the problems out this year but for now hope you all the best.

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                    The game is complete garbage at this point. So many issues its unbelievable. I sure hope they learn their lesson this time.

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                      Treyarch... You end the year of YOUR so call revolutionizing game.. that is anything but... And just as full of cheats as W@W... <---



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                        New Year Bump, Are you back at work yet Treyarch?  (I am )