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             By taking no action at all, Treyarch and Activision are essentially saying that it's ok to cheat in their game.  I see boosters every day, along with quite a few prestige masters with booster stats.  I have a couple videos I saved of boosters and reverse boosters.  I can understand taking a week off for the holidays, but they probably should've patched the glitch and reset the cheats before millions of new players joined the ranks.  Allowing the cheats to persist also tempts people to do it that never even considered it before. 


            Delete the tac insert after you patch the glitch as well.  This will get rid of boosting and very few legit players will miss it.

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          Good Post

          I have to agree it seems that complaints about glitching seems to fall on deaf ears, or with blindeyes  since they have to read it


          over 1 week ago, i kicked two kids (13-14 yr) out of our clan for doing the prestige master glitch ..... i reported them both using the ingame report feature and the rest of the clan reported them to (about 16 of us)

          i went one step further and sent the gamer names to  Cutpurse  (this is the only offical name i know to report to)

          I just checked this morning and they are still prestige masters

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            This is not a latency thread please remain focused on what I wrote.

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              As a COD gamer I find it discouraging that Treyarch has not done anything (visible) about it. Inform us on that you will correct this and stay in contact with the community.

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                If they don't have a fix ready, then de-ranking the violators wouldn't make much sense as they could just go back and re-use the exploit to get it again, and publicizing the issue would only lead to more people using it.  They can't just slap console bans down on everyone found to have an illegitimate Prestige Master account, either, because at least based on some of the threads I've seen here some people have accidentally or unwillingly glitched.


                I'm sure that fixes to this issue will be included in the 1.05 patch, whenever that comes out.  But until then, while it is a bit frustrating to see no obvious action being taken & hear no official word on it, I can understand why they're doing it like this.

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                  Good response and I agree, but not directly mentioning it isn't a good thing either. I do have hopes.

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                         I can't see how the glitch itself is hard to fix.  I haven't seen a youtube video how to do it (should probaby watch one so I know wtf I'm talking about) but if you know what the glitch is, why should it be a hard fix?  Again, the source of this particular problem is boosting.  If they glitched from a legit prestige master, the stats won't give them away.  Why did they put the tac insert in this game?  I'm sure legit players use them in certain game modes, but it's used by boosters 100 times more.

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                      That truly is the most frustrating thing about Blops2. The lack of communication about most of the major issues. I think if we pay this much money for the game we should get at least some amount of transparency about what they are working on to fix it. I know there are proprietary things you just can't tell us but seriously. Mostly we just want you to acknowlege that there is a problem and if you haven't figured out how to fix it that you are at least working on the problem.

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                        so many cry babies !!!!!


                        they are working on it just because it doesn't happen when you want it to happen doesn't mean they are not working on it


                        follow the activison twitter feed and you will see they are working on it


                        Dec 29th  @ATVIAssist


                        "thank you for your patience as our teams work on the update to come. If you see cheaters in-game, please report them ^SG"


                        just keep reporting the offenders as "cheating" and they will get to them


                        in MW3 it took them on avg 2 to 3 weeks to reset a booster/token glitcher , one guy i reported it took them damn near a month to get to him but they got him


                        it looks like they are trying to roll a update out before they either release the ban or reset hammer on these scumbags


                        don't worry it's coming

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                          Necessary bump


                          Obviously don't have as much faith in them as you

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