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    What are you waiting for Treyarch?

      Dear Treyarch


      I am writing today to complain of the poor communication I percieve  from your company in regards to the cheating / glitching / boosting that has become rampant.


      Treyarch, this very well known issue is not a problem in my game play (I could care less about them) but the matter of fact that there are more and more each day sends a terrible message that this behavior and violation of the terms and agreement are fine. 


      The lack of notification or a simple post / announcement says to its users, indifference. Many here play many hours and witness these accounts that appear very illegitimate. If your answer is to report them, I look at there stats, ask them questions (at times on how they did, to get confirmation) and report them. This method does not seem to be working, I report around two or three per day. 


      I trust this is not the way that Treyarch or Activision wishes to conduct business with its valued customers—I have been purchasing your games since 2009. I would welcome the opportunity for you to create an announcement that addresses this matter further and to learn of how you propose to remove and prevent a similar situation from recurring. I look forward to hearing from you.


      Yours faithfully,



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