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    Treyarch are geniuses

      When it comes to lag compensation treyarch is quite literally ahead of it's time. You see it's all about convenience.... your friends are playing today but you don't have time? No problem, with Treyarchs new lag compensation system you can play that same match tommorrow. Simply join that match from your friends list and Treyarch will calculate what you would have done and who you would have killed. Your friends bragging about going 40 to 3... well not anymore f***er you went negative and lost.

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          Re: Treyarch are geniuses

          Lol it is terrible at times was just having a match and unloaded about 20 bullets in to a guy running up the stairs he knifed me watched the kill cam it shows me hitting him about two times then he lunges and kills me.


          Their is absolutly no point in coming on to these forums anymore to complain as you never see someone with a position of at least a little bit of power replying to threads.


          I know Black ops 1 had its teething problams but one thing I did notice was that when Josh Olin worked for Treyarch he actually replied to posts.


          I find this to be a kick in the face to loyal Call of Duty fans who have after the disaster of Modern Warfare 3 have still gone out and purchased this game.


          This is how bad Activision are and proves they are just after your £$£$.


          Also does anyone remember when this game come out?


          Their was reports Activision had turned off its helpline number now does that not just prove to you that they knew about all these problems all along and threw the game out regardles maybe not Treyarch fault because as the developer I would see them as wanting to delay it to fix it up but then I can see Activision with its £$££ hungry eyes saying no it has to be out on that day regardles.


          If someone from Activision is reading this prove that you care reply with what intentions you have in the future to fix these things we know you look because as soon as a thread is made stating the truth it gets deleted.

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            Re: Treyarch are geniuses

            Mw3 problems started this has just magnified the problem real shame..... Thought things were going to get better...sadly not...end of the cod series i think.....Shame. :(

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