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    Have the developers acknowledged the lag compensation is broken ???

      As most will agree, the game has been completely unplayable so far due to the lag and it seems to be caused by the whole lag compensation issue. Even with a perfect network setup many people are still suffering from this and having to deal with playing the game on a huge delay of up to a few seconds at some points. Even on a '4 bar' playing local people, the game just doesn't play how it should and it's at the point where it is bad 9/10 games.


      But so far I haven't seen Treyarc/Vanderhaart/Whoever acknowlage that this problem even exist, they seem to just be dismissing it as regular lag caused by poor internet or foreign host etc. Unless I've missed something (hopefully) ?


      As of right now it seems to affect half the people who I play with, while the other half seem to be ok. But it's at the stage now where I've had to stop playing and just wait it out until it gets fixed, I don't like to throw around the terms 'unplayable' and 'broken game' but unfortaley it is, I feel like I've paid a lot of money to play a beta !


      So has anyone in the know mentioned anything about this or giving an estimated time as to when it might be fixed ? Im hoping they have and I just haven't seen it.


      Cheers !