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      Just logged on to my Call Of Duty: Black Ops II game to find out that my level has been reset from level 33 back to level 1. Can anyone tell me why the hell I have been deranked. All my classes have gone. This has really annoyed me and to top it off I can't find any contact email or whatever to get help.


      Any help/replys would be nice

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          The same exact damn thing happened to me. I was prestige 4 rank 48 and I logged on to get a file corruption that said it would set me back to rank 47 of the same prestige. I hit the OK button and it deranked me to lv1 no prestige. Pissed me the hell off and I can't get ahold of anyone to help. Please one of the customer support members, if you read this help! I don't want the past 6 weeks to be a waste! I had diamond snipers!

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            There's been a few of these posts today, think something went wrong last night. I didn't lose any rank due to being master, but lost a gold gun I completed just before I went off last night and had to do the challanges again.

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              I was Prestige 5 level 22, now in prestige 4 level 55 and lost camos Art of War and Gold.  WTF, no response from a dev on the forum to explain it?  Is this the attitude of Treyarch to ignore our time and effort?

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                i had something similar happen to me. i was playing bo2 until about 4am this morning and i unlocked diamond camo for my smgs and then i prestiged to 5th prestige and logged off after a little while. when i got back on today around 9:30 to 10am i found that i no longer had diamond camo and i was back at level 55 of the 4th prestige. i have the gameplay videos showing i had accomplished everything i've stated. its really frustrating that i put all that work in, only to have to do it all over again.

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                  I don't think something went wrong last night, this happened to me a few days ago and also happened to me in the double xp weekend when the game were launch, and it will keep happening if they don't do anything...

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                    To get this fixed


                    1. Immediately you see derank turn console off

                    2. PM details to cutpurse. He can reinstate to recent save point.

                    3. Suggest you also log service request with support and tweet @atviassist both can investigate and arrange patch if warranted.