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        10. Re: Wozny's Official Glitch/Bug/Weapon thread.

        PDW without suppressor*

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          11. Re: Wozny's Official Glitch/Bug/Weapon thread.

          even the pdw with supressor has barely any recoil. This gun is basically the p90 and it needs to have as much recoil as the p90 did in mw3. I didnt play mw3 much but i remember the p90 having decent recoil.

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            12. Re: Wozny's Official Glitch/Bug/Weapon thread.

            All LMG's - Need more recoil and hipfire spread


            Bull crap. The lmg's have PLENTY of recoil. It's the target finder taking away the recoil that's the problem. Also, cold blooded needs fixed, since it doesn't do anything right now.


            Grip needs a buff


            Snipers need less sway when using wiimote

            Sniper controlls with wiimote need fixed

            Vektor and scorpion need damage and rof decreases

            Chicom needs minor burst delay---not much, but as of right now, it's not really 3rd burst, it's full auto with no recoil and high damage if you tap the trigger, and completely OP---outguns everything but snipers and r870.

            r870 needs a range nerf and either remove a pellet, reduce the damage/pellet or increase pellet spread to where it's almost impossable to get all in one person at a time.

            SLY s12 needs slight range buff, but not much. It can't compete with too many things unless you're almost barrel stuffing

            Increase headshot bonuses from 1-1.2 to more of a bonus

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              13. Re: Wozny's Official Glitch/Bug/Weapon thread.

              R870 should pump slower.

              B23R should either have less range or more recoil.

              PDW should have more recoil.

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                14. Re: Wozny's Official Glitch/Bug/Weapon thread.

                It has a decent amount of recoil for an SMG. It's recoil is like the Commando in BO1. Bobbles from side to side a lot.

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                  15. Re: Wozny's Official Glitch/Bug/Weapon thread.

                  imo The best way to fix the R870 is to take the long barrel out of the attachments.

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                    16. Re: Wozny's Official Glitch/Bug/Weapon thread.

                    p90 had slightly more SP compared to other SMG's. but teh extra firepower wont mean much. it does need the p90's recoil. the laser SMG's should have no range. like the vector or scorpian.PDW should have teh p90 stats, slightly modified killspeed to fit that of this game.


                    SMG's: map design favors them. they need worse kick/range/hipfirespread.


                    scorpian is fine atm, it has little range, and at close range it is often outpreformed by a shotgun. it is a weak shotgun with slightly longer range capabilities.


                    pistols, all but 5-7 and executer need a nerf. kap40=bad hipfire accressy, badflash,badkick, lowerdamadge.  should be a short range spray pistol, medium for experts.

                    B23? the burst one, bad kick between bursts, okay range, 2burst kill, longer delay between bursts.

                    the 3rd normal pistol just needs less firepower.

                    rest of the pistols are fine.

                    pistols overall should never be better than primaries overall.


                    shotguns:  remove longberral aka. stopping power for shotguns.  this is the only stoping power attachment in the game, and its still OP because of it. remove longberral from all shotguns and have there default range/power be halfway inbetween longberrel/nolongberrel shotguns. dont include postpatch xbox stats for balancing.

                    KSG: remove autoaim completly for this weapon. it is the shotgun skill weapon. this shotgun should also have the longest pump time of all shotguns. with its high OHK range it only feels like a skill shotgun wiht wiimote, with DA autoaim it feels much to easy to use for its effectiveness.


                    AR's mostly fine atm.


                    LMG's mostly fine, hurt a little do to level design, need more SP compared to AR's.


                    snipers: ads speed is to high. they need a slower ADS time comparable to LMG's. kick on the last sniper should be higher. the rest should be left as is.


                    bouncing betties: slow down time to explosion. but give it larger area of effect than claymore, and the ability to kill flakjacket users. simply because its dodgeable. longer delay should make it easer to dodge.


                    DS/awarness: buff sound overall. sound should be ruffly 50-70% of BO sounds. DS bringing it down to current defualt, awarness bringing it to about 70-90% BO sounds. DS and awarness should cancle out. these to perks need to be usefull. not underpowered like this game, or OP like MW3.


                    UAV: should be higher than hunterkiller. 525(hunterkiller at 500) should be fine. counterUAV should cost pretty much the same as UAV. FFA and TDM should get 125-150 score per kill to make UAV and everything else easer to get aswell. this should also balance normal ghost better. 150 would leave dogs and swarm at a 11-12 kill streak. id preffer it with them at a 13-14 kill streak =/. 135points per kill sounds best to me.


                    warmaching/deathmachine. need 75 points per kill, they are a very slight buff to normal weapons. warmachine should be below deathmachine. both should be overall lower streaks, closer to carepackadge/guardian.


                    wiimote KS, need improvements, need to take user sensativitiy options into account.




                    flackjacket: needs slight nerf. shoulnt survive direct impacts from RPG's or other explosives. shouldnt survive BB or RPG's to the feet. shouldnt survive direct hit crossbows or semtex eather. but should survive both of those to the feet. flackjacket should survive claymore. they should survive most nearby explosions except repeat and killstreak explosions.


                    ghost: UAV need nerf, ghost should indefinitly block UAV. but even with this nerf i find ghost a must in this game do to UAV spam. UAV nerfs would balance ghost.


                    coldblooded should stop red lightup on target finder.


                    targetfinder: more kick, more effect from flash.


                    flashgrenades: should be weaker overall. but if i had my way those grenades wouldnt exist.


                    knife: needs to be at BO defualt stats, that was the best balanced knife to date. currently its useless paper.


                    assault shields, needs to have highest mobility, able to outrun everything. higher hit range too.


                    scavanger+equitment. scavanger should refill grenades only. not betties, not claymores. shouldnt matter between explosive/bullet/knife kills.


                    movement, backup slower than you walk foward.


                    mapdesign: DLC should make up for what it lacks, veriety on maps, more long/medium range maps. should have different map designs to assure the veriety. actualy throw in things for looks too, like another night map or rain.


                    lagcomp: best i seen in MW2, but currently it give advantiges to players to often. but lagcomp is easly mesurable by killcams. not accretly for what happened but they can measure how much lag is screwing you over or if its even this time around, works better than the bars. needs improvement.


                    wiimote/DA issues. DA still OP, wont go over detials


                    wiimote needs less sway because of natural sway, and DA more kick/sway, to make up for lack of natural sway. wotn go into autoaim.


                    multyteam forfits of 1 team leaves. but should forfit when 2 teams leave.


                    but i will say comparativly best balanced COD =/.  best camo system of any COD. best titel/emblem system of any COD. lagcomp is on COD par but outshined by MW2 and before. lagcomp is the thing that needs the biggest fix, next to balance issues. which is mostly a bunch of small stuff this time around, and a few big ones. nothign as bad as BO famas or MW2 quickscops/scavangerclaymores, or MW3 ACR/MP7/type95.



                    zombies: need a more BO like zombie map. tranzit seems like shingula and other maps are small and good only for greif. BO maps would need mods for grief like doors opening for only 1 team and similar but are still a major missing aspect.



                    spawns, tip 1 avoid small maps, you focused to much on them in this game. decrease the amount of times you spawn by the person you killed.

                    tip2. overkill the # of spawnpoints. placeing alot more than necassary tends to garentee a good spawnpoint somewhere on the map, if there is none then it is do to poor map design.  spawn point should be everywhere. 3 second kill rule should go for simply spotting the enemy, not killing. need to record location fo guy is when you spawn when a issue accores and lock the spawn point when smoeone is there. if all lock, add spawn points, if they still all lock, then the map design is just bad.

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                      17. Re: Wozny's Official Glitch/Bug/Weapon thread.

                      FiveSeven and Tac-45 are two hit kill on close, shoot on legs, two shots, shoot on arms, two shots WTF?!!??!


                      Only way the pistols should be two hit kill, is on close range and other shot must hit the head.


                      B23R, is one burst kill, not sure if it was two bullet hit kill on close like 57 and 45.

                      It should be two burst kill on close, I think that would make it well balanced.

                      One burst kill if you hit to the head, maybe?


                      As for the Executioner, this is the only handgun that seems to be balanced, not sure if it could use small range buff though, maybe just leave it alone?


                      Kap40, I think that some recoil that is familiar to the G18 from MW3 could just be enough? Range nerf?


                      NOTE: Remember that the long barrel should not make them two hit kill if they're nerfed.


                      All the weapons could use more hipfire spread?


                      LMGs, more recoil.


                      That's all so far.


                      ALSO, FIX THE GLITCHES ON ZOMBIES

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                        18. Re: Wozny's Official Glitch/Bug/Weapon thread.

                        The Remington shotgun, it's the most OP weapon, make it useless with the hipfire, I'm sick of these DA AA guys hip fire **** me.


                        Hell, even Wiimote hip fire is OP with the shotgun

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                          19. Re: Wozny's Official Glitch/Bug/Weapon thread.

                          Bug: Matchmaking no longer works like it did prepatch. It no longer seems to be putting people in the best connection matches possible like it use to. Almost every lobby I get is constant 3 bars along side everyone else in the lobby. Prepatch almost everyone had 4 bars in each lobby.

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