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    1 tip for partys that seems to help reduce lag

      First off i know there is no way to make lag go away completely


      But for me i noticed when i was playing in a party with my friends lag was more of a problem than when i played solo


      A buddy from another clan suggested that every member of our party (clan) set the game search option to "BEST" ..... i thought his would be something everyone would already have done......buit i found out that several members of my clan did not even know about this option


      To find this option (to those that dont know)  sel;ect the game mode you want to play and just before you hit the button that searches for that game ....look at the bottom of the screen .....you will see search preferences select it and you have three options  'Any"   "Good" (this this the default) and "Best"


      I set mine to best when the game came out and just forgot about the option until my friend was talking about it


      we were in a party of 6 and was spread out accross the USA  IE  Tenessee, Alaska, Colorado, Texas, and Montana ......I was the party leader (Tennessee) when he asked if we all had our serach options set to best.......I told him Yes I had it set to best, ...any why did it matter if the rest of the party did or not


      he said he had no clue, but his clan was like ours ...from all over the place and it they all set it that way and it seemed to help


      So we all backed out of the party so the ones that didnt know about the option could make the changes ........we joined back up, and I could tell a good bit of differnce in the lobbies we found and that the Lag was not as bad


      It has been 4 days since we did this as a group and while LAG is still present at times, but it is easier to deal with


      as to the why it helped i have no clue......and would not think it would ....but it did