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    just looking for some good teammates (sorry for the long post)

      hey like the title says im tired of playing with randoms who suck tired of getting thrown into lost games so im looking for quality players. idc what your k/d is mine is 1.65 but its VERY misleading..my skill level is bout a 2.5-3 k/d but sense i usually play by myself i have to rush stupidly most times and force my team to victory...im not really looking for a clan but if it happen it happens im looking for winners who play the objective who is willing to go negative if means winning..now i did say k/d not important but i would perfer at least 1.10 k/d also no little kids if you are not at least 20 just ignore this post also im only looking for ppl who speak english...im always on cod at night to early mourning so feel free to hit me on psn tempest20 anytime...btw i do have a mic but i dnt really talk much also idk if it matter but just putting it out there i am black...also i kknow lobbies tend to be filled with racist pricks so if you white and a black dude starts talking trash and saying racist stuff by all means say the stuff back dnt hold your tongue cuz of me just saying lol...psn tempest20

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          Re: just looking for some good teammates (sorry for the long post)

          I'm not the greatest player in the world, nowhere close. Objectives are more important to me than K/D, and I love to play in a party. Send a FR on PSN @ CynicalDriver. You don't have to join my clan, but I'd love to have ya.


          For the racist stuff: It shouldn't matter if you're black. Some of these ignorant jack*sses need to get over themselves. I leave any lobby where everyone is throwing out racially charged insults. Now, that doesn't mean I can't find humor in "racist" jokes, cause I'll laugh at most of them if they are actually funny. My motto is "If you can't laugh at yourself, then what's the point in living?" I just have no tolerance for "You dumb *insert racial slur*, go back to *insert racial insult*" or KKK-like attitudes.


          So, if you have a sense of humor, send a friend request to my casper a**. lol

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            Re: just looking for some good teammates (sorry for the long post)

            Hey there, if you have yet to dind a clan and are atleast 20 come check out the Bacon Chili Cheese community. We are a gaming community for like minded adults that lke to get together after a hard days work and play some video games. We are a multi-platform community with members all over the globe. Our PS3 division is all American so no problem with the whole English speaking thing. We are a laid back community but we do have some competetive members so we have an ELITE clan. We mostly play objective based games like Domination, and Demolition. We know how to play the objective and we all know that a win trumps an even KD any day. We have a rule in our community, if there is a person being a racist or just mean/rude to one of our members you can respond with equal or greater force. This very rarely happens due to the fact that we utilize the "Mute all except party" button.


            If you are interested just come by our website and fill out an application.



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              Re: just looking for some good teammates (sorry for the long post)

              I added you and it said you have reached the maximum number of friends.

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