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    Rage Quitters

      Is anything done at all to punish people for leaving a game? I find it is really frustrating playing zombies going for high rounds and having people leave because they happen to go down. I understand being downed is frustrating but really? As soon as someone leaves the current game and progress is pretty much thrown out. No matter what round you make it to it won't show up on the leaderboards. I'm not sure if it's just me but it seems like people back out way too often.

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          People leaving is not the issue, it's the rounds and or stats? that don't add up on the leaderboards that are the problem.


          Good ideas with bad execution = Cod Black ops 2 zombies.

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            I play with randoms quite often, and I usually end up with rather bad players (especially now, with all the Xmas noobs), and it frustrates me when we get to a decent round, and one person just leaves for no reason, or they go down and rage quit.


            Also, players who don't play for the first 5 round normally make me wonder: "Why bother to join the match and ready up, if you're not going to play?"


            I only leave matches if I get an invite from a friend, or my team mates aren't working together and are out to troll.


            (btw, I was playing a match of Tranzit about a month back, and one guy quit on round 15, and the game ended, yet the round and stats still counted to my leaderboard)

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              Treyarch is stupid for doing that, there will be always people that will rage quit no matter what. Also rounds only register to the leaderboards when you play buplic match. So you are forced to play with randoms...(or you need to invite 3 other friends)


              **** you Treyarch I'm really dissapointed in you.

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                The only thing that is sort of done is if the player leaves there could be a possibility that they get deranked, but that's about it everything else is gone, but I also don't think it's the fact that these people are leaving I think the reason they leave is because there system froze because whenever I play with friends on ps3 will have a good game and then someone's ps3 freeze from playing zombies and if there host by by to all the rounds and stats. It seems more people freeze then actually quit the game.

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                    As much at it seems right u can't really put a punishment system on leave a game. I myself hate ppl leaving game on round 20 or higher for no reason what so ever, but I to leave games sometimes cause I get an invite from friends and I'm in a randoms lobby with teammates that suck epic. As I don't leave games cause I can't handel going down or so, but sometime I really have to go. So how can a system tell the difference between leaving with reason or ppl ragequiting?


                    Knowing that the ranking systems is a epic fail on it's own and totally broken, don't see them making any system that actually works. Yesterday I played with a friend and 2 randoms, one of those randoms was fine, but the other sucked so epic he ended somewhere with +50 downs on round 30. Now this guy had the rank of skull with the knife and the blue eyes. Blue eyes isn't a rank but still this means this guy plays almost every day. So if this is how he plays every day how the hell can the system give him the knife what should show his skill level to other players, knowing he sucked way more then the average bones guy?

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                    ps3 still no fix for rage quitters and leaderboards when someone leaves the game due to poor connection or plain stupidity. apart from glitchers, the only other aspect of zombies thats irritates me is going to high rounds only to have someone quit. POOF. game doesnt count anymore then everyone quits.


                    ** ACTIVISION / TREYARC: i used to play zombies NUMEROUS times with COUNTLESS hours but ever since the connection issues and the fact games will not count when a person leaves, its a WASTE OF TIME now. there's no sense of a community because its hard to play with randoms. you can't trust them to get you on the leaderboards. i would say 50% of a public match, randoms will either quit on you which throws the whole game away or they flat out suck. the other 50% are glitchers. i'm not a big fan of zombies as i used to be.

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                      I'm glad I'm not the only one that is really frustrated with the ranking system and leaderboards. You guys brought up a good point though that unfortunately there would be no way of telling if a guy left just because he went down or because his game froze. It's just hard for me to want to play zombies and go for high rounds when I usually have to trust randoms to not back out. I really think they should make private match count towards the leaderboards so we can play with friends easier.

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                        NOt a fan of people who leave, cause it won't count, I can't find anyone to stay anymore


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