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    Drop shot nerf


      It took me this long to figure most of my problem with this game. Wow. Just watched the YouTube video and it is pretty unbelievable. I could understand a little inaccuracy but that is ridiculous.

      Lets see, a couple of kids wine on the forums and you nerf the hell out of it. The majority of the community complains about quickscopping so what do you do, you make it easier.

      Hey Vaughn it seems your personal preferences are really influencing your work. "The footsteps in Black Ops are too loud" so big nerf. I wonder if you are behind the dropshot nerf, the awful lag comp, and the quickscope buff. I guess I'll have to change my playstyle if I want to be any good. But I don't think I will because judging by the lack of people playing this game and the amount of friends on my list that say this game is garbage I won't be playing much longer.