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    Funny how nobody complains about being on the good side of LAG

      Listen, I go through lag just like everybody else. I play HC only and know when I get head shot hitmarkers when all I can see is a head, that I am on the bad side of lag. I just know I have to shoot a little longer, and be a lot more on my toes. Yeah, do I get pissed off here and there, but I realize that if just being on the internet and it lags, why would playing xbox through a web based connection be any different.


      The ? I would like to know is I dont see anybody come on these forums, and bitttch bitttch bitttch cause they were on the good side of lag, and how the people they are playing you feel sorry for them.


      I read a statement once about questioning God. If your gonna question why bad things in life happen, then you have to question why all the good things happen.


      Stop worrying about something that there is never gonna be a fix for, and have fun and play the game.