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    Internet Disadvantage

      Do you get killed alot even though you shoot first I do. Do you shoot an enemy but hit markers dont show in return you get what I call 1 shotted I do. Do you get killed alot but the killcam is not portraying what just happened I do. There are 2 major problems with this game:


      1) Internet Disadvantage (multiplayer)- whichs means your at a disadvantage from the head start when you see an enemy you could be shooting first it dont matter you will die and the only people you are killing is the people you shoot in the back or side. Also Internet disadvantage consists of people seeing you before you see them around corners, having the same gun as the enemy shooting him first but he kills you instantly, getting shot around corners while trying to get cover, getting shot and killed but the killcam shows the guy shoot in the air getting hitmarkers. This is the most important 1 that needs to be FIXED because this is not fair. Its all about if your on the good side of the connection so that takes away the word skill and replaces it with connection.


      2) Freezing (multiplayer)- whichs mean the game freezes then comes back where you can start to play the multiplayer again after about 2 to 4 seconds or it can be froze where you have to push the power button to restart it. FIX


      If these are fixed this will be the best game since MW2.

      What I think COD makers need to come up with next is way to make the Internet/Networking not to be fair but just the way it is and what I mean is if you have poor internet go buy better internet and you wont lag. They are trying to make it fair for people with poor internet but they dont understand it is making people with good internet suffer. Treyarch and Activision cant see this because they arent putting enough effort or going the extra mile an testing this before they let the game out. All they have to is set it up with 1 person play on a bad connection and the other on a good connection and see what the outcome is you get Internet Disadvantage. Dont get me wrong I no people out there arent having this problem because there on the good side of the connection. Now me saying that, does that sound fair. Let it be equal thats all I ask.


      Treyarch Please Fix the connection issues with this game.

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          Re: Internet Disadvantage

          Anyone have this problem on Mw3 too.

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            Re: Internet Disadvantage

            Okay, judging from this post I suspect that you are new to Black Ops 2.


            1) Internet Disadvantage? This has been around since the first Modern Warfare. You think people would learn how to deal with it and just play the game. I understand that sometimes it's a pain but there is nothing we can do about it, and Treyarch is not going to do anything about it either. They tried with this game and it failed, big woop-dee-doo.


            2) Yes this is a serious bug and needs fixing but it is taking time, so just give them time. It will take a bit but I believ your PS3 will get used to it and not freeze as much, at least that is what has happened with me.


            Now, I am unsure how old you are and if this effects you but, if you haven't notice the U.S. economy is in a recession. If the U.S. economy collapses that will have major effcets on the world econmy so many people cannot just go out an by better internet just for a new video game. What Treyarch did was very considerate. It may not have worked out exactly as they had hoped but not everything can go their way. Even so, with Blops 2 it seems as if the person with a bad connection does better in a match then a person with an excellent connection.


            Also, learn how to spell ONE!

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