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    Shotgun Question

      I recently got diamond camo for SMGs, Snipers, and LMGs. Next up on my list are Shotguns.


      My question is.... which shotgun is the most beginner friendly? I have barely touched shotguns in this game, and which to get diamond camo.


      I wish to focus on the R870 MCS, S12, and KSG. I haven't unlocked the M1216 (since it is available at level 52). So if you can give me an idea of which shotguns of those three to use, and in which order... you know, for a "shotgun" beginner like me, I would greatly appreciate it.



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          Re: Shotgun Question

          The 1st shotgun you get is the best for begginers and the last one is the worst. Once you get good at the game the KSG is the best shotgun. Since the KSG fires a slug and requires expert accuracy at range I suggest waiting on that one.

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            Re: Shotgun Question

            R870MCS - Easiest shotgun. works well ADS as well as f-rom the hip.  Limited Range


            S12 - One of my favorites.  It reminds me of the USAS from MW3 except it's not auto (I didn't use the USAS auto EVER).  Keep it close.


            KSG - The quick scoper of shottys.  Once you get the hang of it, it'll give you streaks.  I don't think it's consistent enough to be among the best.


            M1216 - This could be the best CQB weapon in the game!  Once you get the hang of the 4 round burst, you can put up quad feeds.  My secret is a close by TI for immediate Revenge medals, and time to reload...

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