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    Every Copy of BO2 should come with a Free "Scuf" controller.

      The amount of people using Scufs in league play is way to high.


      Using a scuf controller, in my eyes... Falls along the same line as exploiting, because it gives you a massive advantage over players who do not have it.


      For those of you who don't know what it is.  It's basically a controller that lets you not only remap every button on the controller, but also do things like "Auto Hold Breath on Sniper Zoom."


      It also comes with 2 "Extra Triggers" which let you Jump and the other lets you go straight into Prone.


      So, not only do you get your own custom layout, but you get 2 extra triggers upon a bunch of other features.


      So, someone please explain to me exactly how these are legal.  When the basis of "Clean Play" online is to not allow anything that gives one player an advantage over the other.


      Is the game really that bad, where people have to spend even more money on heavily modifies controlers to play the game?


      Have we really gotten to a point where people can pay for extra features, and use those features against players who don't have the luxury of having those?