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    Lazy or incompetent?

      Considering I still have to worry about teammates using a blackhat to steal my care package, I still can't move my guardian or sentry guns, there's a game breaking bug in the campaign, the net code is ******* terrible making me be on the bad end of lag comp where certain people might as well be called 'host' because they have such an advantage (At least in other games) and the fact the developers have not even sent us a message of 'We're working on this or 'here's what we've done' and the game's been out for  almost a month and a half.


      Do you think the Treyarch division who handles Nintendo CoD games is more lazy or incompetent?



      It's a serious question because we got dicked and stuff that should have been implemented from the beginning if they looked at how they did past Wii games, but we had to wait over a month for a tolerable fix that's not as much a fix, as everything isn't as broken. I mean even if they sent an intern to keep us updated or say 'we know' that would be nice. But instead we get a mod who's only job it is to stop the knife fights from breaking out which are caused by lack of attention in the first place.