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    Hackers is a HUGE problem (Video link)

      Today me and a friend was gonna play a few random Kill Confirmed when we got the ultimate hacker in the same game *D'uh*

      so i thought i just fraps this from the Theatre after the match to show the "staff" what we players have to deal with every F'ing day.



      There's the link, hope this will be watched, liked and spread around!


      *We paid for a game where "skills" are ment to be shown and having fun matches with friends.
      *We did NOT pay to become frustraded and angry to loose every match because of these Hackers.

      Thanks to all who takes their time to read and watch!

      This gotta stop, Seriously!



      Edit:  Moved from CoD: MW3 PC  -> Call of Duty: MW3 Multiplayer