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    PubStompers Heavily abusing the skill based matchmaking system

      I have noticed i HUGE surge in the amount of high SPM 3-400+ Pubstompers that are getting in groups with someone with an SPM of 100 or below just so that they can go in and flat out destroy the room.   What the hell is the fuin in that?  Are you guys really that bad that you would rather make the game no fun for others because you cant compete against others in your score range?  I bet the same kids get off on taking candy from small children also.


      3 arc  please fix this,  currently the matchmaking only looks at the leaders SPM,  cant you change it so that it looks at the average SPM of the ENTIRE group before it places someone?


      Facing a team with 4 - 400SPM and 1 45 SPM  against a team of sub 100's  is not very balanced at all.