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        youtube search: "black ops 2 mod xbox" -zombie


        there a lot of videos.

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          Agreed. I run LMG with FMJ, and you quickly get a knack for where campers are going to be on certain maps.


          They cry bloody murder when you shoot bullets through the wall, not knowing if they're back there or not, but if you look at the HUD and have a general feel of the flow of their guys throughout the course of the game, it's not terribly difficult to get a sense that a guy is behind a certain wall.


          I love taking out snipers hiding in the garage on Nuketown before they can find me through their little peephole. Same with the fencer campers. I don't know if they realize they're actually visible through the slots in the fence...

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            Ya know, some people kill me with their "how did I cheat", and "prove it". I've been playing cod long enough to know that there are cheaters. Or did you already forget that wonderful hack fest they call MW2. "You can't cheat on Xbox". That is complete and utter bull****. I could list them, but it would take to long. I know, I know, prove it, post a video, blah,blah blah. I'm beginning to wonder these people really play the games or just troll the forums. As for aimbots, sticky aim through a wall is one thing, but when someone follows you across the map through multiple buildings is another. To make a statement like there's no hacking on Xbox, a friggin game console, is just naive considering people hack much harder things everyday. So, give it time, when these hackers are exposed and banned, you'll see a lot more "video proof" some of which is already there, and no, I won't post a vid, look em up yourself.

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              Proof or GTFO.

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                Okay if you experienced an aimbot just post up the video in the theater. Stop wasting time with all this bickering.

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                  Video or it didn't happen.


                  You sound sour from a player who bested you and knows how to use the AIm Assist to his advantage.

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                    To EVERYONE saying the difference between a CONTROLLER and MOUSE & KEYBOARD is a matter of preference or opinion your are so full of crap it's beyond me.


                    The BEST controller player for FPS could NEVER NEVER NEVER NOT IN THEIR SAID LIFE, beat the best MOUSE + KEYBOARD player. This is not opinion this is a cold hard FACT.


                    When I PC gamed during the days of CS 1.3/1.4/1.5 and Source, tournaments etc... I could with the mouse aim as fast as the game could possibly move my crosshair DIRECTLY to your face, and click the button. Aside from occasionally missing there was NEVER too far up/down/left/right like tends to happen with a Xbox Controller. (Like someone had mentioned earlier about getting kicked for hacking, i was kicked nightly from CS for "Hacking," I never hacked.)


                    Anyone saying a Mouse & Keyboard is not an advantage over a controller, well then, that just means you effin SUCK with a Mouse and Keyboard. Period.


                    Interesting tid-bit

                    The problem with the mouse and keyboard on the xbox is how they have programmed the X-Y coords from a mouse to register appropriately through the "Virtual" Xbox Controller emulator. The potentiometers in the actual controller joysticks-that regulate pressure-are very difficult to emulate from Mouse to Controller. (There are 2 of these meters in each joystick) This causes a jitter when using a mouse and keyboard on the Xbox. It's actually VERY annoying, but many people can play through the pain because MOUSE > CONTROLLER.

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                      good thing your not the Aiming police. because it doesnt matter what you use, its how you use it. some people are good with joy sticks other Mouse and key board.


                      get someone who plays with a controller on a mouse and key board.. they cant do


                      get someone who plays with a  mouse and key board to play with a controller.. they cant do it..


                      its a matter of practice, therefore there is no advantage

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                        Err0r_6_ wrote:


                        good thing your not the Aiming police. because it doesnt matter what you use, its how you use it. some people are good with joy sticks other Mouse and key board.


                        It does matter what you use, If i use a mouse and you use a controller you are going to get clobbered.



                        Err0r_6_ wrote:


                        its a matter of practice, therefore there is no advantage

                        Again you go practice with your controller and I'll go practice with my mouse. YOU WILL LOSE. (You losing only because I used a mouse is an ADVANTAGE!)




                        This is why Mouse is not allowed on XBL.

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                          When I'm using an LMG I always have FMJ on, if I see bullets coming from out of a doorway/window I'll unload on the wall until I get hitmarkers.. sometimes I get lucky and hit him right away, doesn't mean the dude has an aimbot, just means he knows how to use FMJ efficiently