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        10. Re: AIMBOTS

        i actually heard of that too the mouse and key adapter for $100.  maybe that's what they are using. 

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          11. Re: AIMBOTS

          I'm not sure what you mean... If you're referring to M+K on XBOX, no it's not like that. It's just a comfort and preference thing. It does not enable you to cheat in any way, nor does it break the game mechanics. It is literally translating M+K motion into controller motion. You cannot do anything the controller cannot do.

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            12. Re: AIMBOTS

            That could also be a possibility. Or he could also just be that good.


            If he was hacking however, he'd most likely just started and will have been perma-banned by now

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              13. Re: AIMBOTS

              No, M+K is by far and away superior to controller. So much so that they are banned as the advantage gained by using them in an FPS is too great. You can hit button combos on a keyboard that you cant on a controller, and target acquisition with a mouse is way WAY better than with a controller joystick.

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                14. Re: AIMBOTS

                What system do you play on?


                Don't forget there is a BUILT IN over-agressive aim-assist in this game that DOES assist THROUGH WALLS. It makes me angry.

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                  15. Re: AIMBOTS

                  That's a matter of opinion. My friend has absolutely no problem using an xbox controller to defeat someone with M+K.


                  Once again, you're not able to do anything with M+K that you cannot do with a controller.

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                    16. Re: AIMBOTS

                    you can post a vid of it ?

                    if you linked theater with youtube you can make a 2min. clip, surely 2min's of a 10min match should be enough to pick a few nice example moments

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                      17. Re: AIMBOTS

                      Xbox. And yes I alluded to that aim assist in a previous post. I dont use it to aim for me when I get the 'sticky aim' but I'll take the warning of an enemy presence when I snag them through a wall hehehe

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                        18. Re: AIMBOTS

                        Acquire a target with a mouse. Now do the same thing with a joystick. There is a big difference in the time and ease of accuracy and thats why they are banned. The proof is in the pudding *shrug*

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                          19. Re: AIMBOTS

                          lol, I've learned just to pull the trigger. I ALWAYS have scavenger on so I don't worry about wasting a few bullets. You'd be surprised how many kills I've gotten this way. When it happens I always say "Ohh he's gotta be mad"

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