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    Has Black OpsII lost it's allure?

      I am only a couple prestiges into the game and I already feel like I need to just move on from the COD series.  Am I the only one who feels this way or am I just one in a growing army of disgruntled COD fans?

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          BO2 lost it's allure, it's such a frustrating experience. Disgruntled is probably the best word to describe a lot of people that bought this game, and almost all PS3 users.


          BO2 just seems catered to noobs. Not needing to ADS, huge magazines, an aresenal of tactial/lethal grenades, target finders, head glitch spots everywhere, dark corners/enemies blending into the background.....etc.


          They listened to a small group of players that they mistakenly thought represented the majority of players. They wanted to make it competitive but it ended up being an inconsistent game with either all camping target finding head glitchers or mad rushers who hip spray and trade kills all game.


          The biggest thing by far that they totally missed is the connection, it took them 2 months to even admit there was a problem. Its gonna be 3 months after launch pretty soon and the game still plays pretty bad a lot of the time and it just ends up frustrating the crap out of everyone.


          Then they added skill based matchmaking putting you in lobbies that are full of try hards which takes the casual fun out of the game. People care way too much about their K/D so the other team bails if you get a high streak and the new players that join after have 3 bars and end up being unkillable.

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            Went back and played WaW last week. Actually was quite fun, and didn't see any hacks. So yes BO2 has lost something for me to try the old titles.

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              This question is subjective to each player, and lately I've been seeing a ton of people play! I feel nor good or bad, but I play for what the game is.

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                I can't say this game is fun, even when I do well. For instance today I got the Lodestar for the first time. Normally I never equip streaks higher than the Sentry Gun but today I was doing so well I decided to give them a shot. I was averaging a Lodestar every game and often times I got 2.


                It was fun at first but then it got repetitive. I played Slums something like 6x in a row because I got booted out of a few lobbies after players raged. That didn't last long though, because as soon as I partied up with my friend the lobbies went to Hell. I've been having an issue where I get super laggy. Like solid 1 bar connections the whole game when I party up. The person I've been joining lately is my friend who lives down my street. Never, since the launch, have I ever had this problem. But the last few weeks have been awful



                So in short, when I do well people rage quit and my fun is short lived, I play the same map constantly, and when I join up with friends the game lags hard.



                That's my Black Ops II experience in a nut shell

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                  It's lost all allure for me for sure. I haven't touched it since the end of double xp weekend. It's just not fun for me anymore. It feels like a chore more than an actual game now. I remember when I was going for headshot challenges in MW2 I still had tons of fun because the game itself was really fun, not just unlocking the camos. But now I feel like I'm just going from one tedious challenge to the other. Even when I just focus on the game and not worry about challenges I'm bored as ****. The maps are just too small so all sense of stradegy and holding down a chokepoint is just gone. It's just run from one side of the map to the other so the spawns flip and then do it again. Even when I do put up 60 kill games, it's not as satisfying as it was in the past. I popped in MW2 and have been playing that inbetween the Assassin's creed series and been having much more fun. Even after over 20 days played on that game, I'm STILL having fun. I hate to admit it, but I think the COD series is over for me. The things that made it fun just aren't there anymore. The geniuses behind what I loved (COD4 and MW2) are gone, and since 3arc only copies what IW does, they're going to continue to copy what the new IW does, and I hate that as well. It was fun while it lasted, but COD is over for me I think. I think the biggest reason why I hate the new CODs (and love the old ones) is the rambo effect and how it's been stripped out of the new games. When I was playing MW2 yesterday I had a moment where I killed some one, turned around and killed 2 other people without having to reload, and my mind felt blown. I completely forgot what it was liketo be able to kill 3 people rapidly. The newer CODs, especially BLOPS 2, have weakened the guns so much that it's pretty much impossible to win a gun fight against 2 or more enemies. I know I'll get some hate for this, but I really hate how they're trying to make it more team based. I don't mean more focus on the objective, I mean trying to encourage teamwork. If I wanted to play a team based game, I'd hop on battlefield. I loved COD because of how I could be a one man wrecking ball. That's why those 60 kill games in MW2 were so satisfying because when I looked at the scoreboard and saw those kills, I knew I got those because I new what I was doing. In BLOPS2 when I see I got 60 kills I know it was because my team was able to get the better spawn. You can no longer carry the team by yourself, and while some people may like that, I don't.


                  tldr: They got rid of being able to be a one man wrecking crew and now the game is boring.

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                    I was never to amped about the game. The hell put on the Solo player to constantly take a loss by throwing us in losing matches, while there is a excess of 500,000+ people playing vs. going to a low pop playlist and find a fresh lobby full of laggy players is beyond idiotic.


                    SMGs having the power and RF that rules all maps makes most weapons useless.


                    The Spiderman type maps where there all types of avenues for objective playing pretty useless.


                    Hacks and mods that plagued previous CoDs and jammed into this game is absurd to say the least.


                    The ridiculous idea that hipfiring is more accurate than ADSing shows their lack of intelligence. Yet it was the REAL CoD makers (True IW) that said AIM DOWN YOUR SIGHTS!!! Hipfireing is less accurate. Not in the reformed nO_oB of Duty games. Pretty disgusting and absolutely do not see myself buying DLC for the first time in 6 years.


                    The absurd idea that choosing Best as a search preference provides me with over seas lobbies and unplayable matches.

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                      The game is definitely losing its appeal, not that it started from a high point, my biggest problem with it is the maps, they're dull and boring.


                      If Treyarch deliberately released average maps at launch expecting me to purchase the DLC as a result they are mistaken. I will not buy any DLC. ( why purchase mediocrity twice?)


                      The overall flow and pace of the game doesn't lead to good matches, usually lots of WTF moments.


                      SMGs should not have the range and lack of recoil to fire across an aircraft carrier.


                      A sub m/c gun (eg MP5) has a range of 30m!!! (not 300m)


                      COD needs a new direction, maybe next gen consoles are the answer, this will be the last COD for me in its current format.


                      I always preferred IW games personally

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                        Lag takes CoD Series to death... I swear, for me this is the last CoD in my life if they don't fix the lag! Its terrible... I had so much hope that BO2 could take BO1 up, where i had never connection problems, but this was an misbelief... One game i've got an VTOL and next game, other lobby, i go 15-31... Ridiculous!!! Enemys run around the corner, the barrel of my gun is verbatim right in the face of the enemy, i start shootin first, he returns fire and i die... Other scene at Stand Off... The enemy climbs up a ladder and is not even at the end when he starts shooting at me, I die... In the final cam he is two steps further as i see him on my screen in the game before. I adapted the settings of my router, but nothing went better...

                        If they don't adjust these serious errors i see no future for other CoD's. I for myself, consider to buy BF3 or an other shooter if they don't fix the lag issues. Although all my friends and my whole clan only play CoD and if i'm true BF isn't bad, but doesn't make half of fun as BO2 (if it runs) to me...

                        Anyway, I can't play BO2 as it is now any longer cause the lag drives me crazy!!!!

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                          BO2 has lost it's allure for me. Laregly, due to the PRESTIGE BOOSTERS. Why grind and play to achieve the highest level when so many players are cheating thier way to it... AND NOTHING IS BEING DONE ABOUT IT. (I report, on average, 2 legit boosters per match on the PS3)


                          This cheapens the game for everyone else. It makes the insentives and milestones to keep you playing frivelous. Decreases the longevity and value of the game. And makes legit players no longer want to play.

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                            i 100% agree with you guys. since midday launch day it hasnt been good for me i just play so i can play with friends. i'm in iw guy. i went back and played mw2 and just felt way better, more satisfying. Plus i like that shotguns are secondary weapons. This is deff. my last 3arch game maybe my last cod game. But lets see what iw comes up with. One good thing is the pick 10 system and the campagin. Zombies aren't the same jst feels weird.

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                                     Although its lost its appealing touch, we still come back to it every year. Its become a reaccuring tradition where we go out and buy the new Cod, hate it, and wait for the next one. We spend our money and our time on a game thats not even up to par! The least they could do is admit that there game isn't good. Moving to the other side of this argument, you might say,"well compared to other games Call of Duty is pretty fun," which is true. I just think we expect a little more from a franchise that has alot of potential.