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    Awaiting Gamestate.....(counts up?) Hacked account?

      I'm totally frustrated!  My wife and play together using splitscreen and have been on since launch.  On Christmas Eve we had played a few matches in Moshpit and then all of a sudden we started having trouble getting a game to load.  It sits at the load screen and says "awaiting gamestate" and starts counting up??? When the wife goes into a match by herself she has no trouble getting in.  When I try, nothing. If we try splitscreen and she loads the game it almost loads up and then it quits.


      I can get into league play, but nothing else.  Is it possible that my account has somehow been hacked?  If so, how do I get this fixed?  If not, why is this happening?  I had the same problem with MW3.....played the game for a few months and all of a sudden, nothing.  Soooooo frustrating!!!!!

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