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    74 kills in a game, wtf?

      WTF?  Kill Confirmed.  Village.  Guy on my team ended up with 74 kills.  The rest of us were all single digits.  I was 3 0 4.  We lost, the other team had normal k/d ratios.  This guy (sal_??, ?? are 2 numbers) never called in killstreaks.  No drones, no choppers, no AC130s, nothing.  On either team, whole game had 0 air units.


      From my point of view it sucked ass cuz I never saw anyone.  My kills were random nades tossed at strategic spots.  My deaths were peeps I never saw.  When we were down to 3 minutes I just hit select and watched his kills climb.


      I'm in California, it's now 9:54 PM, this happened maybe 5 minutes ago.  If you were in that game I'd be interested in what you saw.  I have theater turned off cuz I'm always so far on the bad side of lag ever microsecond counts.


      What's This Feature?


      BTW, it's now 10:00, I've been editing this for 6 minutes.

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          Re: 74 kills in a game, wtf?

          To clarify, we lost this match with about 90 seconds left in the game.  I really wish I'd had theater turned on.  The other team collected enough tags to beat us, and if memory serves it wasn't even close.

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              Re: 74 kills in a game, wtf?

              this guy you was playin with more than likely was going for a moab.this is why you lost.1 he will not collect dog tags.this insures the game lasts long enough to get it.2 dog tags act as a trap and also lets you know an enemy is near by when they pick it up.3 you need 25 kills with a gun and not using killstreaks.since he wasnt using uav he would have been using specialist.i refuse to play kill confirmed because of these selfish noobs.i have got 1 moab and that was in team deathmatch(this is all i play now).this is the hardest place to get one as you have ten minutes and a 75 kill limit.anyone can get it in kc and dom so this is where they go.ive yet to have anyone get a moab in any of my tdm games.partly because i would make the team hit the score limit to quick.btw moabs are only possible against noobs.if anyone who thinks they are good has been moabed before then they are really bad for allowing someone to live long enough to get one.any average gamer will see where the guy on the long ks is by seeing where his teammates die.then you ensure all efforts go into killing him.and 74 kills is weak for kc or dom.both gamemodes allow for 100+ kill gameplays.my best tdm is 46 which i think is a healthy number for a time and kill limited gamemode.50 kills is the one i want to hit one day.anyway if you have someone like this on you team your best bet is to stay alive and pick up as many tags as you can.this will help you win and screw up the selfish noobs chance of a moab.also if someone is going for a moab on dom(easiest place to do it)then they should use uav only as they can be a team player and effectively have unlimied uav.this is how a pro goes for it because he aint using all perks to help him.my moab was with all perks because i aint a pro.i may try uav only moab for my next one in tdm.well that was a pointless comment from me.lmfao

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                  Re: 74 kills in a game, wtf?

                  50+ kills in TDM is pretty hard to achieve. I think it is possible only in Terminal and all your teammates must be camping in plane or near A spawn:)


                  Other possible map could be Village. But this requires very noob players who doesn't shoot down your air support. Using Reaper/AC130 and Osprey Gunner should do the work.


                  I've done some 40+ gameplays (max maybe 45) with predator/attack heli and pave low. I personally like to use kill streaks what I don't have to steer by myself.

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                Re: 74 kills in a game, wtf?

                Most likely he was using specialist.

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