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    Looking for clan/people to play with (2+ k/d)

      Hi there,


      My friendslist is mostly full of play who play Fifa, so I don't have many players to play Call of Duty with. I have always played domination on previous CoD's, but I stopped playing it on this one because I got fed up with people ending with a dire k/d and doing **** all entire match. I would like to play team based game with a group of people who know what they are doing.


      I have been playing hardcore tdm lately as it's the easiest mode to make a difference as a solo player. My k/d is 2.16, SPM 260, win/loss 1.10 (TDM is 1.50-ish) and currently level 45 as I just began playing it. But as said, I already have experience playing Call of Duty and it goes up quikly. That's also kinda the reason why I have been playing hardcore as on core the players have a bigger advantage (better guns/ghost) and on hardcore all that doesn't really matter.


      I have a mic, my native tongue is dutch, but I speak decent English.


      So yeah...add me on Xbox: Ch1chaaa or leave a message here.