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    These guns are overpowered!

      Now that I have your attention, there are bound to be a million and one posts over the next few days with all the new christmas players adding their two scents to the pot so lets get this out of the way...


      Things you are bound to say over the next few days.


      SMG's are Overpowered

      Shotguns are Overpowered

      Snipers are overpowered.

      LMG's are over powered

      Bouncing Betties are overpowered

      Shock charges also overpowered


      Ghost sucks

      Dead silence doens't matter

      Awareness doesn't work


      Let's focus on the part of this that everyone over looks though... the guns aren't over powered, the assault rifles need a buff but the other 4 types can't all be op.


      BB's are strong but they have a delay just duck,


      Sound whoring is "broken" switch your audio to "SuperCrunch" it makes the sound much better


      Ghost works well you just can't play as defensively with it unfortunately


      Shock charges do indeed suck..


      Good luck, Have fun.

      Merry christmas, Happy Hanukkha, Happy Kwanzaa or what ever particular festivity you partake in, if none then good for you!