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    The S12-Underrated?

      Usually you don't see many players running around with this but i encourage you to try it. It has a 1HK about 50% of the time at close range and a 3-4 at long range but the fire rate is high so it doesnt take long to kill.

      Heres my steup



      -long barrel

      -extended mag










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          range is very bad on this and one shot kills are rare.. im trying to get gold for it and i have made over 400 kills and only 100 of them were one shot kills.


          the guns not good for rushing on games like tdm as there are too many campers.. teritory based gamemodes like hardpoint is great when you have the advantage over an objective.. just camping near objective racks up the kills..


          am usually a rusher so remmington is still the best.. ksg would be my fav if the games wasnt so laggy.

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            I am an avid shotgun user, and I love the s12! And yes, it is very under rated. Most people don't know how to use it, or shotguns overall for that matter. I have over 6k kills with it at the moment and it's my most used gun (my top 4 are all the shotties :). It just reminds me so much of the spaz from BO1 and that was a beast. Here's my set uP:


            S12 w/ suppressor, laser sight, fast mags/ext mags


            Ghost & hardline


            Ext. conditioning & engineer


            Primary gunfighter

            Perk 1 & 3 greed

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              Nope, it's underpowered just like all the other shotguns.

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                Finally got that gun Gold today and as much as I loved it, as it was a pretty fun shotty to use, I hated it at the same time lol.


                Reload took forever, and the shots were so random at times, like i'd stand point blank behind someone for a easy one shot kill for when I was going for the camos, and get a hitmarker, or then i'll get someone in one shot from a further range.


                So random but it was a fun gun.

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                  Definitely not my favourite shorty but a range boost might make it very good indeed.


                  But of course someone would complain ^~^

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                    S12 is underused because it SUCKS

                    needs buff asap

                    super hard to get 1 shot kill plus you have to waste entire mag to kill 1 or 2 guys

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                      It is a pain to get One Hit Kills with for Gold (playing core that is) but while I wasn't getting a lot of OHKOs, I was doing good. It is good for pure killing when not trying to get OHKOs, unlike the M1216 which just sucks everywhere.

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                          than youre doing it wrong. yes the s 12 and m1216 sucks but you have to sneak around and just hit them close. i got them diamond today and im glad i have never have to use those shotguns again there garbage. but indeed the m1216 is the worst shotgun ever. now its time for the AR for me ;p