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    Saw something scary tonight

      Guy on my team was spinning in place.  Just like the aimbots in MW2 used to do.  This guy's K/D was horrible, but I've already seen wallhacks in MW3 so I'm wondering if aimbots are coming, if not already here (I've wondered for a while, btw).  I've also had issues lately with shooting down air support, sometimes it seems impossible to get a hit.


      So, did this guy get a new cheat or is he a n00b from MW2?  Wish I'd thought to record his name, at the time I just laughed at him.


      To be clear, I'm 100% convinced there are wallhacks on MW3.  I'm about 60% sure there are aimbots.  Haven't seen any kind of proof for any of the other hacks MW2 suffers from.   Fortunately they're rare, and the biggest problem with MW3 is lag, not cheaters.  But it's hard for a sniping cheater using a wallhack to claim lag in a killcam.

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          Re: Saw something scary tonight

          Yes there is wallhacks but there not done with spinning that just for a 360 degree shot.  The way you do a wall hack is when you jump up and down in a certain part of the map and your guy we'll eventually jump through the wall but they fixed most of those so it doesn't happen frequently.  Your problem with air support hmm?  What launcher do you use?  If it's the smaw it will miss on ocasion. if it's one of the lock on only launchers then it's probably a hacker using the fire at me only to miss hack from CoD4:MW.  Hope this helps and merry Christmas.

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            Re: Saw something scary tonight

            I saw a blatant aimbot today.

            I was playing on Boardwalk. Came up through a building and was moving towards the boardwalk, but still inside. Bam I am dead.

            So I watch the kill replay. The shooter was sniping from the other end of the boardwalk. There was no one else in view, he wasn't shooting at someone else. Suddenly he locks on the side of the wall and head shots me. I was inside, invisible to the shooter.


            Frankly, I am 'ing tired of circulating lobbies trying to find one that has minimal blatant cheats. Blatant? - Yes, watch the replay cams. These 'ers dont care because no one is banning them.

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                Re: Saw something scary tonight

                A wallhack is seeing through walls, not jumping thru them.  Golfhacker27 just described one.  What makes them obvious in killcams is when they zoom in on, and track, you through a wall.


                I use the launcher that gives you 2 missles, brainfarting on the name right now.

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                Re: Saw something scary tonight

                They were probably using sitrep. With my astro headset I can hear people reloading across the map, and with mw3 having directional hearing it's not hard to pin point where someone is. I mostly play on xbox and I've never seen a hacker. Once you know the layout of a map it's easy to figure out where the enemies are coming from, the spawns are so easy to predict.

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