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    The REAL Issue.

      The Real issue in this game is still and will always be the Lag/Lag comp.  I do not want 3arch to remove lag comp because that will not make the game any better than it is now. what they need to do is fix it. Lag comp has been around since early CoD games but why is it so bad in this game?? is it because of the increased graphics and the outdated system we are playing on? Is it the partial "skill" based matchmaking? or all of it?? i sure would like to hear an answer from 3arch but im sure that they still dont have one. they are too busy counting all the millions they made from selling BO2 (the highest selling games 6 weeks in a row now?) and worrying about prestige glitchers who honestly arent hurting anyone. Boo Hoo he is a higher prestige than me.. that doesnt make him better or give him a better connection so i think it can wait till the game is fully functional for everyone.


      As for the OP smg and the "skillless" QS i think alot of this would probably balance itself out a bit when everyone is playing on an even playing field. when no one is running around a second ahead of everyone else in the lobby easily taking them down before there is even time to react. Or seeing a QS that should clearly miss but actually gets the kill because in Lag comp time in would have actually hit. The Hit detection could also be improved because there wouldnt be a blur of a body creating a larger/smaller detection box than should normally be.


      Von asked for video of lag and lag comp and i know for a fact he has recieved hundreds.. probably way way more than he expected. but where is his responce? Where is his statement saying he excepts that his game is broken and NEEDS to be fixed. i want one but i wont hold my breath because they wont waste their time on a real problem that might actually take time and effort to fix.


      SO really the problem is the lag and it needs to be fixed!



      P.S. if you are one who gains an advantage on Lag Comp aka: feel the game is fine and are going 50-4 in everygame, never get outgunned when you get first shot, or have never emptied a clip into someone only to get killed by 3 bullets after they turn... dont waste your time this. This thread isnt for you! you wont change my mind or make any reasonable point that this game does NOT need fixing.