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        40. Re: Nerf the Target Finder

        If the Target finder and the sniper balance eachother out... then the TF should have the same sway and recoil as a sniper. there then i guess everything is balanced.


        Fact is by using a TF you are getting the advantage of seeing the enemy without actually having to have any skill and actually find the player yourself. it is the new baby monitor. But becasue you get this advantage you should also not get the advantage of not having any sway and especially not haveing any recoil. The recoil def needs to be increase to at least the normal amount of recoil if not more. Also I feel like everytime i get killed by a TF as long as the crosshair is in the middle of the giant red box every bullet fired hits me. But im pretty sure my body is not the shape of a box.


        And everyone know that there should not be a red cross hair for coldblooded. but you should probably just man up and not use cold blooded anyways.

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          41. Re: Nerf the Target Finder

          Sorry but when I see threads like this all I see is:


          Please make everyone play the way I want to play. I hate it when someone out foxes me simply because I want to run around and hip fire everyone and I think everyone else should have to as well.


          And btw, yes I have alot of kills using the TF and could care less what others think of me using it.

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            42. Re: Nerf the Target Finder

            Actually i dont want people to run and gun and spray like srubs, and i dont want people sitting in corners ADSing till a red box appears in front of them.  Just like i didnt want people always using the Famas in BO1, didnt want people always dropping motion sensors/protable radars, or randomly Protubing (one man army, danger close, noob tubes - MW2.... for those of you who dont know what im talking about)... i want to play a game where people with skill, fast reaction time, and good aiming will win. NOT who can find the easiest way to get kills.

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              43. Re: Nerf the Target Finder

              If someone sitting in a corner is giving anyone trouble they should break their Xbox into a million pieces.


              I only play TDM and whatever team gets the easiest kills wins. Not everyone wants to be thrown into a map and just have a Quake style shootout. Some of us much prefer the stealth side, shoot a runner in the back kind of play.


              Besides, I am getting fairly old and my eyes and reflexs cant match the younger guns and I freely admit that. BUT, if I get you to play my style of game I might just have a chance.

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                44. Re: Nerf the Target Finder

                since you use it as you admit then your point of view is mute, you would ***** to keep any advantage however unfair simple because you use it.

                I find it funny how wall hacking ect is bannable then they implement an item that shows the target up no matter the distance there should be a down side to it like only allowed to equip the scope no other attachments or has a range limit like the other scope that can see through walls that one had 4 down side where as this scope/ target finder has only 1.

                The 4 mentioned above are -

                1. only shows enemies that are stationary or moving ads

                2. does not show any cold blooded player at all

                3. it only pulses every 2-3 seconds

                4. the small aim down site means you have to already be facing the exact spot an enemy is hiding.

                ow and i forgot a 5th it only works for 25 meters.

                That was balanced.

                The target finder was a very un though about item put in to help kids and beginners then abused by people who should not be on a fps if they need something to point out an enemy for them.


                Edit : you are what ruin cod you wont be happy till every game gives you kills for no effort next cod it will point out targets for you and aim all you have to do is fire ... ow wait aim assist already does that for you.

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                  45. Re: Nerf the Target Finder

                  Nice try but no my favorite setup is an unscoped AN silenced.


                  And no I dont ruin CoD games I play to adapt. If someone stays in one place you might get me once maybe twice but I will ruin your day for sitting in the same area.


                  If you cant adapt to other people's playstyle thats on you. I could care less what other people use and how they play. I will get my 20+ kills in TDM and carry my 2.0 KD ratio no matter how the other team plays.


                  I much prefer to shoot you in the back playing the stealth side of the game and this game is the worst of all for stealth players. If I still manage to shoot you in the back several times with how much this game caters to the run and gunners then you just plain suck and I can see why you come here and cry.

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                    46. Re: Nerf the Target Finder

                    When you quick scope with a sniper rifle before the scope is fully scoped in there is 0 recoil 0 sway. Wherever the exact center spot on your screen is it will hit. Put a small dot on your TV using a small sticker while ADS with a red dot sight. Then switch to a sniper. Now press Left Trigger quickly Followed by Right Trigger.


                    See how it always hits the spot where you put the dot? So IMHO opinion since you can accurately throw shots down range with a sniper rifle ignoring a majority of it's ADS time, ignoring it's hipfire spread, and ignoring it's sway. I would say a target finder is a joke compared to a one hitter quitter, no sway, no recoil, quick scoping, sniper rifle.

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                      47. Re: Nerf the Target Finder

                      Hard to believe they put such a retarded attachment in the game. Personally, I see no reason to use it. It's biggest advantage is when a clan all camps choke points using them. That's when I just leave the game, but the average camper that uses it to get cheap kills, probably get knifed in the back a lot.


                      These maps aren't really that big. The target finder pretty much points out what you can see already. It's a useless noob attachment.

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                        48. Re: Nerf the Target Finder

                        I don't mind it. The red diamonds around enemies really doesn't help me all that much. If I'm aiming at an enemy, chances are it is because I already see him. And I know it doesn't work through walls, so I hardly see an advantage. I feel more like I'm hurting myself more than anything, how the sight blocks everything else around my vision.


                        And there are enough counters for it. And I prefer the Holographic or Red Dot with less zoom since it feels like the gun has more recoil with the target finder. But I don't really care if it gets nerfed or not. I don't use it.

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                          49. Re: Nerf the Target Finder

                          Red Dot > TF. The TF seems slower, Its retical blocks your view so players with cold blooded are much harder to see, by the time your cross hairs turn red from you aiming on me, your already eating my ****. It also reduces the amount of your surrounding you can see so getting shot from side angels is much easier.  Switching from the TF to Red dot was one of the best things I did, I love shooting long ranges and holding choke points, I am at such a massive advantage over players that use the TF. Thank you for all of the free kills TF players, the greatest is SMG's with the TF. What a joke you guys are.

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