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    My Application & Info (I NEED A CLAN)

      I am on Xbox 360. I just got my Xbox a few days ago and I will back black ops 2 in a few days. The stats below are my PS3 black ops 2 stats. Please e-mail me at fufdriessen@gmail.com if you need to contact me!




      Age: 19



      Xbox Live Gamertag: D



      Time Zone: EST



      Premium: Yes



      Mic: Yes



      Seasons Pass: Yes



      Prestige 8



      Level: 55



      K/D Ratio: 1.95



      Score Per Minute: 424.00



      Win Percentage: 78%



      Gamemode: I pefer Kill Confirmed but I am willing to switch



      Hello I would like to join your clan because I am a good player and a team player. I know many tactics for clan ops (I can always do 2 out of the 3 clan ops). I can also make a website for the clan if you don't already have one. (the website cost $9.00 a month) if you go to www.NSCelite.enjin.com you will see many cool things, I made that website when I was with NSC (The reason I'm not with NSC anymore is because they are a UK based and the lag was making my KDR go down), I am good with computers and websites as you will see if you go there. I would really like to join your clan as I think I will help the clan out a lot also I can make a clan page on Twitter if you dont already have one.If you accept me I need you to Text me at: 1 (807) 788-3194 or E-mail me at: gabeforsyth@gmail.com or message me on Xbox Live ASAP to talk about the website I will be making!