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    Bump League Play XP

      I just want to preface this statement by saying that before the Black Ops 2 release, the piece of information that had me most exciting for the newest installment in the call of duty series was the fact that there was going to be a competitive playlist, with true skill matchmaking where you could really see where you stack up against the rest of the community.


      With that being said, something has to be done to draw more people to the competitive playlist scene, and the only thing I can think of is implementing a big xp bonus, somewhere along the lines of 15,000-25,000. Personally, I feel it is ridiculous to put so much effort into the competitive scene, only to have 600 people in the playlist at any given time. The worst part is that there are multiple times that I have played league play for 3-4 hours, and every time I almost think to myself, "well that was fun, but I could have accomplished a hell of a lot more playing pubs."


      I get that there is a huge part of this community that just wants to lay on their tummies playing domination surrounded by betties as its the only way they can post anywhere near positive KD's, but something has to be done to draw more people, the better players, to the competitive scene. Any thoughts, inputs, or ideas are beyond welcomed. I'd love for someone in the Treyarch hierachy to see this. 

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          Ya I think that the XP should be around 10K for Winning, and 5k for loosing.  If it isn't already.

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              That is what it was during double xp weekend, but that still wasnt enough to draw people away from pub matches, as the xp per game in those during double xp was around 20k.

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                  there are just more players into casual gaming as in competitive, what did you expect ? the whole community to become competitive players cause of the league playlist ?


                  and how competitive can it be, highest count i ever saw in it was 1500, with 2 leagues so ever league has even less players, it's just a who's has the better connection playlist that whole league mode


                  they would've been better of allocating that space for other things imho, seems like a waste

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                I guarantee you that the hardcore community would participate if there was a hardcore option in League Play. Most of us who play hardcore are longtime vets but we can't stand to play core. Core is great when you are learning how to play but once you really get into hardcore there really is no going back.

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                  for me its not the xp that is the problem, i can deal with the lesser xp for a more competative game. but i wont play it until they change the ranking system. you have a solo rank but its not based on how you do in the game, its only based on how your team does. so if i have a great game with 20+ kills and like 5 deaths but the rest of my team just sucks and we lose then i lose ranking even though i did all i could but my team just sucks. i started out the tdm league in the gold after having 5 placement games where i got good teams. then i play 6 more games and lose everytime even though im going +10 or more kills to deaths and my team cant even squeeze out positive k/ds, and im instantly demoted to the silver division even though i do great but the team sucks. until they fix this i will not play it anymore.