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    ELITE Clan Glitch

      I'm not sure if anyone else gets this, but I'm in a clan where NOTHING I do contributes to the daily/weekly clan challenges. My scores definitely are not counted as I have undoubtedly surpassed Tier 2 on my own, yet as a clan we are only being awarded Tier 1 for everyone elses efforts. My scores are not listed in the clan leaderboard, but I saw the accolades on my own screen as I got them.


      Additionally, I can not comment on my clan page and nobody's name appears on screen. I have tried leaving and rejoining but nothing has worked thus far.


      EDIT: I was just able to successfully comment and my name shows, but nobody elses does. Also I think SOME of my accolades are getting listed on other members' names, because the leader certainly did not get 6 accolades for one of the challenges, but that is what was listed on the leaderboard. They're not ALL transferring to a different member, as I got at least 10 accolades for this particular challenge, most are missing and about 3 of those were listed under the Leader's name who didn't achieve them (we are mates, so I know this is the case).


      My accolades are missing:


      Comments are missing names:

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          Re: ELITE Clan Glitch

          I see a customized emblem, is this for Black Ops 2?


          If the Clan enlisted in Clan Ops before you became a member, then your participation and efforts will not count towards your Clan, only in the enlistments after.

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              Re: ELITE Clan Glitch

              Hmm thank you, leaving and rejoining may be the cause of the latest one, but there was one particular challenge that I was definitely in the clan for the whole duration of. This was the one where the leader had more accolades then he had earned and I had none.


              We mostly play MW3, but some of us play Black Ops 2. The custom emblem next to my name was from Black Ops 1 and the custom clan emblem was made by him the other day. I'll keep an eye on the accolade thing just in case it was because I joined mid-challenge, but I'm pretty sure that wasn't the case.


              Thanks for your help.

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                Re: ELITE Clan Glitch

                Ah, just found out he enrolled for every challenge on the day he made the clan, meaning all of us who joined after weren't being included. Thank you again!

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