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    Having Less Hackers Like On Consoles (Hack Feast Solution)

      I've tried and searched lot of anti-cheats but no one support cod or are supported and seems to be efficient. So it start from an observation. VAC exist in steamworks and call of devs do all there possible, why on consoles and why it would be not on pc, because they write lines on pc and check boxes to debug or compil (publish) on all plateforms.


      We know all, that there is less cheaters on consoles and they are catched easily. The difference between consoles and PC is that there is ports to forward, no firewall, and a good internet security to avoid the changes of your files.

      Do you try to forwarding all ports noted here

      http://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Lag-Occurs-in-Multiplayer-Game/ ?l=en_US&c=Game_Title%3ACall_of_Duty_Black_Ops_II&fs=Search&pn=1

      It correspond to connection with computers but for it, you must disable your firewall. Also you must buy malware antibytes anti malwares to have a file system protection and repair steam with the steam installer because website (ip) attempt to modify steam.exe, and codmp.exe without navigate on internet.


      Here the ports to add on your modem

      3074, 53

      4379-4380, 88, 36081, 3658, 1500, 3005, 3101, 28960, 3075, 3478

      80-81, 3478-3480, 443, 5223, 8080

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          Re: Having Less Hackers Like On Consoles (Hack Feast Solution)

          The reason there is next to no cheaters on the consoles, is because you cannot run other programs that are not related to the game in the background.


          Microsoft and Sony have locked the consoles down so tight, that if it's not something they have approved to be ran on the console you cannot run it.


          Unless you want Microsoft to introduce a system where you have to load a program similar to Sandbox to be able to play a game, and lock out the ability to run anything other than the game in that program and be unable to run anything outside of that program, once loaded then you just have to accept that there will, be cheaters that will be dealt with eventually but allot do slip through the huge holes.


          One of the main advantages that the pc has over a console is the ability to run background programs whilst gaming, such as video recorders like Fraps and also being able to live stream you game without needing a seperate machine etc, with the consoles they have do buy extra equipment to be able to do that and in the end it would cost them around the same amount of money to buy a pc in the 1st place.


          PC's will NEVER be cheat free because they are not locked down gaming machines like a console is, and the day that happens is the day I stop gaming because I don't want to have to run seperate equipment to record games.

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              Re: Having Less Hackers Like On Consoles (Hack Feast Solution)

              You can't say there is no cheaters on consoles. A hack is a crack of a file, allowing to modify all the game like you are the devs. I've a ps3, you can copy files and replace it, you can run a modify game on it, if hackers have a blueray on pc, they can make a new cd. PS3 emulators exist and run on pc, and you can crack a ps3 game. Hack only exist because you can modify files, so it will be always detected, moreover, read a pc to see which programs run is easy. I think that no one having in mind that there is a lot of ports to forward for communications, and obviously like for pbsvc the firewall allowed, while you disable it. It's the only solution to the firewall allowing communications. Nothing avoid a cheater wanting to cheat on pc or ps3, but he's catched easily when communications are established. So pc can have less cheaters than on consoles. The problem was that people didn't forward all ports and disable the firewall like on consoles.

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              Re: Having Less Hackers Like On Consoles (Hack Feast Solution)

              There is a lot of cheaters on all online games even when it's supported by punkbuster because the crap windows firewall don't allowed any communications. Try to install pbsvc.exe and read the install, see the difference between with firewall and without.

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                  Re: Having Less Hackers Like On Consoles (Hack Feast Solution)

                  My games install, then Punkbuster install's if the game uses it, I then run the game and get a message pop up asking if I want to allow it through the windows firewall, and I click YES end off.


                  I never have to forward ports because, they open automatically when I run the game and have no issues with communication between my pc and the authentication servers for VAC or Punkbuster.


                  Opening ports and turning of a firewall, is to do with lag not stopping cheaters from ruining the game that side of it is done by the Admins of servers and the anti cheat software.


                  There is no difference in my games running with a windows firewall enabled or disabled, and if I disable my router I go directly through my modem and I don't have issues then either.

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                      Re: Having Less Hackers Like On Consoles (Hack Feast Solution)

                      You have no idea what ur talking about. Console has less security then PC. The only reason pc has more cheaters is because consoles can not run programs.if you happen to get an aimbot or wall hack running on console it would stay forever undetected because console has no anti cheat. making an external hack for console is like trying to stick cod in ur ******* DVD player. their for the only hack u can use on console are internal hacks settings that are already put in to the game.simply firewalling punk buster or its connection dose not stop hacks. It runs locally on pc and you must have it running to even get on the server u don't think the devs have thought of that. Try ending steam from process and it will close ur game.all port forwarding dose is allow the being sent through ur modem to talk to a server and download and upload info to it. the only thing opening more ports dose it make u more prone to being dosd or allowing people to go straight through to pc where then can send commands to virus and have ur pc sends its info to them.hacks do not change setting on ur pc say u join an xp lobbie. U shoot someone the packets r then sent through ur modem to server then the server ok I got ur message that persons dead and then send packets to ur pc saying its confirmed that u shot bullets at the guy and the hit him so the corresponding action is for him to die and u get exp x10000 why because the server sees that u killed someone and send the commands to ur games client for u to get the exp.

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                    Re: Having Less Hackers Like On Consoles (Hack Feast Solution)

                    There is "Spyware, Adware, and Viruses Interfering with Steam", see https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=6057-YLBN-1660

                    They advertise you to use avast. I've done it and find a serious virus. I want to shut down the laughing hackers, not you ?

                    Have you used a scan of avast ?

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                      Re: Having Less Hackers Like On Consoles (Hack Feast Solution)

                      If you think that programming a game for both consoles & pc is similar, go learn.

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                        Re: Having Less Hackers Like On Consoles (Hack Feast Solution)

                        The solution to "hacking"...


                        1) Turn off lag compensation so we can really tell who is hacking and who is just reaping the advantages of this horrible mechanic.


                        2) Let the players run the servers. This is a PC game, stop treating us like we are on consoles. PC gamers have successfully ran and admin'd their own servers for as long as multiplayer games have existed. This system is horrible. This would be a win-win. Server mod's kick the cheaters/trolls/etc AND you get to customize the server to run the modes & maps you want. Don't like the stupid Aircraft Carrier map? No problem, take it out of your servers rotation.

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                          Re: Having Less Hackers Like On Consoles (Hack Feast Solution)

                          Obviously hackers control your pc and patch your games, guns and spawns, and modify your files. So

                          1. use avast scan, uninstall avast.

                          2. Use malwarebytes antimalwares, buy it and protect your pc.

                          3. Use spybot s&d, scan often and use assasin files of mbam.

                          4. Repair steam with steaminstall.msi, it let your games.

                          5. Put to read only steam.exe in c:/program files/steam.

                          6. Delete all files of black ops 2 if you think they are change (5 Go for me) or uninstall it, delete the folder in c:/program files/steam/steamapps/common. Reinstall or verify integrity in properties in steam, downloading the missing files.

                          7. Start your game once and quit directly in the menu for first install, take care of the redist file. Then put to read only all files, folders and underfolders, and go inside underfolders and put to read only all the rest of under under folders and files.

                          8. Now the game start, play and use reporting tool.

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                            Re: Having Less Hackers Like On Consoles (Hack Feast Solution)

                            9. Upeer the folder user with properties of it when you click right on the blank.

                            10. Repair steam with one steaminstall.msi which isn't modify, download more than 3 times on steampowered this file and verify with properties of the file if the date of creation is the same date as modification. My first file, and my second had a difference of 5 seconds, and for the steaminstallfrench.msi more heavy, a difference of 26 seconds. But my third downloaded file was good.

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                              Re: Having Less Hackers Like On Consoles (Hack Feast Solution)

                              Maybe the best thing to do, if hackers use data on your pc, for wallhack, aimbot, fast kill, it's to put in regional options of panel control the two attached symbols ^- giving a real anti hack.

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                                Re: Having Less Hackers Like On Consoles (Hack Feast Solution)

                                In my thread here http://community.activision.com/message/205702986 and in this topic, the bad things I've said are

                                - Using mbam, not good, but it learn me that display text on steam show server and on bo2 tchat of other players are bad.

                                - Creation and modification are different obviuosly when you download steam installer but it learn me that windows can block the program, so I've unblock it on properties of the msi file.

                                - Searching troubleshooting on steam support learn me that somes programs I had on my computer where not good to run steam.

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