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    Warthog = rage quit.

      This killstreak is a beast, especially on Turbine and Raid. 


      Whenever I call this thing in, at least 2 people on the opposing team will quit.  It's funny and frustrating at the same time, because I know how powerful this streak is.  I've been it's victim before, and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.  If you get caught out in the open, you're dead.  If you respawn out in the open, chances are you're dead.  It's come to the point now that I don't use it anymore because I know there's a good possiblity that the host is on the other team and he'll rage quit, which may result in the game dropping.  It's happened a few times already.


      I think the two streaks should be switched, or the Warthog should be like a 17 or 18.  It's basically the MW3 equivalent of having multiple Stealth Bombers.


      Just my $.02.

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          Use Blind Eye and stop holding hands with players that aren't running the perk.  Problem solved.

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              Luckily, I haven't been the victim that often.  But unfortunately, after prestiging and not having blind eye unlocked, I sometimes fall victim to the AI killstreaks.


              The problem is the Warthog is easy to get and causes rage quitting.

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                  Blind Eye is a level 5 unlock IIRC.  I haven't prestiged because there's too much good stuff towards the end I'm interested in and I'm using LMGs until I get diamond camo.  Scavenger AND Flak Jacket at levels 44 and 32 respectively is kinda annoying.  Plus the Orbital VSAT I want to use, even if enemies throw up C-UAV because I still get assists.  Orbital VSAT > Escort Drone > Warthog on Domination could be fun.


                  I stole an enemy care package on Raid that had a Warthog as the reward.  It got me only one kill I think so Blind Eye must be quite a low level unlock.

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                      Maybe you're right.  I know it's the 3rd in line on the first perk list, after Lightweight and Hardline.


                      I don't have room to throw on blind eye on most classes, as I'm already running a combo of Lightweight/Flak Jacket or Hardline/Ghost.  I usually spec a single class for taking out AI air support when it's crushing my team.


                      Orbital VSAT>Escort Done>anything will own in domination.  If you're patient enough or good enough to get the Orbital, you're basically set for the next streaks.