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    would this solve host migration issues and connection time out?

      do you just hate it when your playing so well and some guy with the host just turns his console off when they could simply just leave.this could be a solution to this issue.if at the start of any match 2 hosts would be selected by connection speed and strength when one leaves or loses connection lol there would still be a host.then with only one host present in the game it would automatically search for a new second host.would this be an acceptable compromise to having dedicated servers that activision will never have due to running costs?if you have an improvement on this idea please add this idea as a reply.mabey someone with coonections to activision staff will see it and consider using this method in future games.also im no technical expert so if this idea has genuine flaws please feel free to speak your mind but dont find problems with it that dont exist just so you can get your troll on lol

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          There can only be one host at a time. Two hosts will be a conflict of sent and received signals/data. Just like when two people are talking to you at the same time, you can hear them both but it's hard to understand what's going on because one distorts the other and vice-versa.


          It is constantly searching for good signals within the game. When one signal starts to lose signal strength, it'll go to the next good or better signal if it has time. If it doesn't have time, that's when we see the Host Migration message as it tries to reconnect, and when it's really bad we all get kicked out and we see the Lost Connection To Host message.


          Having a dedicated server and not having to rely on a gamer-host is a good idea. But, as you've already stated that would be a cost that the game publisher and developer will never agree to.

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              thanks for pointing out the flaw in my idea without being a jerk.i guess we will be stuck with this problem for years to come.only way this can be reduced is to give a good incentive to not quit like a much higher match xp for a full completion of a match.harsh penalties for quitting wouldnt work as ppl will just lag the game to cause a connection time out.anyone think a better reward for staying to complete a match will be helpful to the cod franchise