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    Does Activision/Treyarch Condone Cheating and Hacking in Multiplayer Games?

      I am sick to death of reporting people that have questionable gameplay which seems as though they are moding, hacking or using other means to win...


      Conveniently, I cannot even upload the pic of the cheaters in progress, but I will show the two teams scores...


      USA Scores:


      Total   No. Kills  Deaths

      1 4080     33          16

      2 3525     20          9

      3 3435     24          12

      4 3300     22          12

      5 2855    17           4

      6 375      2             13


      Note in this team, all but one had more that 15 kills (look at the ultimate player's death rate, he was not cheating) Based on the matching system we should all have similar scores right?


      Now my Team...




      Total   No. Kills  Deaths

      1. 2855     25          24

      2. 2580     22          16

      3. 1875     11          25

      4. 1000     6           18

      5. 425      1            21

      6. LEFT EARLY


      Notice the differences?


      In what way was this game evenly matched


      Does 99 points for USA vs. 41 points for Militia seem a bit uneven?


      Why doesn't Activision take some reponsibility and deal with this?


      The fact that hackers are running rife in the system is preventing any real gameplay or enjoyment of this game and this does not seem to be an issue for the company, so is Activision condinng cheaters and hackers on their sysyems?


      If your product was being hacked should you not prevent this?


      How the heck are you ranking my stats if there are less players in a game and the others are cheating?


      This isn't about my inability to play, I have a full assault weapon with armor peircing bullets, which work fine on players that are not hacking their way to the top of the League.....


      I also have the no detect add-on, which means drones should not be able to spot me but they do!


      I cannot believe that I paid for a legal copy of a game, and others are allowed to hack their way to success.


      So what gives?


      Feel free to add questionable stats to this thread as I will be doing the same form time to time....


      If you have a video online, you can upload this here too....



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          1. Re: Does Activision Condone Cheating and Hacking in Multiplayer Games?

          this happened to me on the placement games i had to play. i would be 30 - 17 while the rest of my team was in the toilet. of course we lost.


          i noticed that when in placement games there was a mix of ranked players and unranked. so perhaps that has something to do with it.

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            2. Re: Does Activision Condone Cheating and Hacking in Multiplayer Games?

            I dont see anything just from the scores that says they cheat.  Maybe you got unlucky and got some boosters on your team that gave them some artificial "skill".


            That looks like a pretty average game to me.

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              3. Re: Does Activision Condone Cheating and Hacking in Multiplayer Games?

              I honestly don't see what your issue is here. Those scores are completely normal.


              Not watching the game, I would guess that your team was blindly rushing headlong into their team.


              I would also venture to guess that they got a few decent score streaks up in the air.

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                4. Re: Does Activision Condone Cheating and Hacking in Multiplayer Games?

                Can you please upload a video. I don't see anything wrong with these scores. They look pretty normal to me.

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                  5. Re: Does Activision Condone Cheating and Hacking in Multiplayer Games?

                  Like your peers have stated, it's hard to judge this because we were not there.


                  They also do take cheating/hacking seriously. It's why the Black Ops II Security & Enforcement Policy exists and people have been banned.


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                    6. Re: Does Activision Condone Cheating and Hacking in Multiplayer Games?

                    I picture everygame you lose or get whooped you're filing a complaint, you're post makes no sense and you sound very paranoid. You sound like the type player that wants to blame everyone else but themselves.


                    The fact that you used the term "I cannot believe that I paid for a legal copy of a game" makes me very suspicious, we all pay for legal copies, does this mean you normally don't? Your buddies hack and now your mad? Something sounds fishy bro

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                      7. Re: Does Activision Condone Cheating and Hacking in Multiplayer Games?

                      I get two different issues from your post...


                      1. What you are describing seems to be overly common in this game.  Maybe I'm nuts but the margin of victory (or level of whoop-***) seems to be much higher in this game.  I pretty much stuck to KC in MW3 and ya there were blowouts but for the most part games were pretty close.  Not the case in this game.  I've since moved onto Demolition but when I play KC or Domination it's typically a slaughter one way or the other and I'm usually on the chopping block but hey I play solo so it is what it is.  Anyone else notice this or is it just me?


                      2. As for the reason being cheating?  I agree with everyone else.  This looks pretty common and it sounds like you just have a bad case of the "Randoms".  I don't get where this paranoid delusion that everyone has "mad secret hacks" comes from.  I mean are people just uninformed? They don't know how the game/guns/perks work?  I went back and forth with a guy on Live for a week because he was SURE I was cheating on MW3.  It was Hardhat and I was cheating because I moved faster than everyone else and I went something like 30-12 when everyone else was pretty even.


                      Well I guess if you don't know any better an SMG and Extreme Conditioning Pro could be considered cheating.   Sometimes people are just better than you and if you play solo its much harder to be successful in certain game modes. 

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                        8. Re: Does Activision Condone Cheating and Hacking in Multiplayer Games?

                        I appreciate your responses but you are all seriously in denial....


                        Cheaters are blatantly accessing and using mods during League Games and nothing is being done about it, I have sent numerous links to report@infinityward.com and others are also posting information, are you guys actually following this up? I paid for a legal copy so I am very uncomfortable that others are doing illegal stuff...


                        Also Mod, how can you justify an évenly matched game based on the scores provided? I'm sorry but if one team is far stronger than the other, then this is not fairly or evenly matched.


                        Futhermore, I am losing due to people leaving early, (maybe boosting or maybe because they are frustrated becuase people are blatantly cheating) and because I am in uneven teams, eg: four team players versus six, or two versus six.


                        Do you really think that this is an even playing field?


                        Also, there is a person who has been at the top of the league after playing just 19 hours of the game, with 3100 points! whereas I have played for 2 days solid and my scores fluctuate, where this player only seems to be going up, I currently lost 110 points for a game, when my team hadfour players and the other team had six.


                        kills for the six player unevenly matched team (ranked from top player kills 1-6), were: 12, 10, 11, 12, 7 and 8,


                        my team score with just four players (ranked from top player kills1-4) were: 13, 14, 3 and 2.


                        do you see, mod, how although the team had less players, the scores were a little more evenly spread, which I why I think yo


                        His Name is Wesniles, and I have reported him for questionably high stats and the fact he has been on the leaderboard without lowering the score.


                        If the games are so shockingly mismatched and uneven teams, how is it that this player remains in number one with minimum play time, and why are you not investigating it or stopping gameplay as it affects the scores badly and is grossly unfair.


                        why can't there be live mods in-games, and just what is being done about uneven matches, unfair system boots and probations, and ceaters?


                        I donlt care for the other modes being totally cvorrupted by cheats, but I do care when it is a global leage game, and this is not based on skill, it is based on total points....


                        Please respond, thanks.....


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                          9. Re: Does Activision Condone Cheating and Hacking in Multiplayer Games?

                          zinga, your comment is patheic and instead of agreeing with the obvious, you are being pedantic. I am an experienced player, and I will immediately report when it is clear that players dont die when they should have done, but usually I give the benefit of the doubt, then if the player continues to not die when hit, I will report. Further cheating will result in me submitting an avoid player message and I trust the cheat is blocked form playing against me form there.


                          When I menationed I paid a legal copy of the game, I was refering to the fact that illegal activity is happening, which is what hacking and modding etc is, and it is wrong, don't try to misinterpret a comment as you look very unintelligent.


                          and my buddies don;t hack either, we play fair and are honest, and not in denial as you are,.

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