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    Most Useless Perks

      What is the most useless perks in the game.


      I think it's awareness

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          From what I am reading it is tied between awareness and hard wired (which no one mentions much here)

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            Hardline is pretty pointless this year (I used to love it with the 2 assists counts as a kill thing). Hard Wired is total trash and Dead Silence is trash too. Awareness I haven't used yet but it sounds a bit rubbish.


            Fast Hands is actually pretty useful, especially if you're in a corridor battle with grenades being thrown your way. Just pick them all up, throw them back and get free kills with free grenades. It can also be used on Sniper classes to switch to your secondary if a map suddenly flips or an enemy flanks you.

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                     Free kills with free nades, love that!  Flak Jacket isn't useless, but it could use a tune up.  When you survive an explosion, it hurts you so bad, they can spit on you to take you out.  I'd like to see it work for your own explosions as well.  No reason why it shouldn't save you from your own Betty when someone sets it off.


                     I've never used Hardwire..the description makes it sounds absolutely useless.

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                The most useless perk that you have to use would be Ghost. This might sound like paradoxical but it's true. You need Ghost because of all the UAVs that go up but at the same time whenever you do anything but sprint you show up


                The most useless perk in terms of "Why the Hell did they even bother?", would be Awareness or Hardwired. I see maybe 2 CUAVs a day and I got EMP'd for the first time last night.


                I'm hearing bad things about Awareness but I've never used it because my headset is the perk in itself

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                  Hard-wired would be more useful if people used counter UAVs and emps frequently. However, it's rare, so hardwired isn't really as necessary to use. BUT, I'm glad they included the perk as a counter measure just in case, though.


                  I haven't touched awareness, and am on my fourth prestige now. So that alone says something. I personally haven't even touched dead silence either, not to say it's useless, but footsteps in general are quiet as is unless I try my hardest to listen out for them.

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                    Awareness/Dead Silence are pretty useless. You can't soundwhore in BO2 like you could in MW3. As such, these two are pretty useless for the most part. Even with Awareness, by the time you can actually hear someones footsteps, they're already behind you waiting to pull the trigger.


                    Hardwire, I've never touched since it seems pretty pointeless. Could be used a lot more but I haven't run across anyone who has used it consistently.