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    What makes you immune to sentry guns?


      I thought it was blindeye.Well yesterday i was targeted and killed twice while wearing blindeye and coldblooded,and before you say maybe it was targeting someone else nope just me no one else near me.Anyone else notice this yesterday?

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          The sentry guns are incredibly effective / precise and useful and are a welcome change from MW3 version.


          In my experience attacking them head on results in death! Nothing you can do. Go from behind if possible. I've shot launchers at them / emp's works good.

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            I keep getting killed by sentry guns and warthogs even with blind eye on.


            In theory the only way a sentry gun could kill with blind eye on is with a player directly controlling it but i've never scaped a sentry gun sight... ever


            I gave up and now i have a class set up with EMP a granade to get rid of the damn thing

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              I hack a lot of them with the black hat.

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                Blind Eye works so long as it's AI controlled and none of your teamates are drawing it's fire on you.  The same goes for the Warthog even though I often get killed by it but everytime I've found a teamate nearby that caused it to fire.  Of course, if the Sentry is user controlled they will see you even with Cold Blooded on but you won't have a red diamond.  I find that Cold Blooded isn't all that effective unless you are headglitching and even then it's only minimal.

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                  Chuck a emp grenade at it and its gone same with guardians and a.r.g tanky thing mines claymore ;)

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                    What makes you immune to sentry guns?


                    The answer to this, I am sorry to say, is NOTHING.


                    If you read the descriptions for the Perks, both Blind Eye and Cold Blooded are very specific about what they do for the player when equiped:


                    Blind Eye says

                    "Undetectable by AI CONTROLLED AIR SUPPORT",


                    while Cold Blooded says

                    "Immune to TARGETING SYSTEMS (and provides examples) and player AIRCRAFT"


                    Since the Sentry Gun is neither "AI Controlled Air Support", nor a "Targeting System", nor an "Aircraft", neither of these Perks will have any effect on it's ability to target you.


                    (As for Rodbaker's post above about being targeted by Warthogs, I imagine that this is because they strafe across the map rather than attacking specific targets, so even Cold Blooded will not save you from being in their line of fire)

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                      So how is this game balancing the sentry gun for player s to counter it if you can't get close enough with black hat to hack it?

                      I thought it was all about balance on this game?

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                               EMP grenades are SUPER effective on them.  You don't even need a clear line of sight, EMP grenade works through walls, and has a HUGE blast range.  Just chuck one in it's general direction.

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                            That's just it. In the past, the sentry gun could always easily be destroyed having equipped ghost and destroying it with your knife. Treyarch argued that the sentry gun was weak in this aspect, so they made it more useful.


                            You can get close to it, but don't run up in front of it as if you won't be killed by it. There are many other directions in which you can approach it without being near it so that you can black hat, and even through walls. Lastly, again, you can otherwise shoot it down from behind, but you can also emp grenade it, which is extremely effective.


                            The sentry is a gun. It's not another lodestar or warship. It's a gun. Countering it or destroying it should not be that tough. I use the point streak all the time and find people mindlessly running in front of it for no reason, though.