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    PLEASE FIX Awareness!  Worthless, offers no advantage unlike prior COD annual releases agree?

      Where do you report issues to Treyarch for future patches?  I would really appreciate anyone with suggestions on this....thanks.


      Awareness, SitRep Pro, or whatever term they used in the past, etc on all past Call of Duty releases worked great! 


      However, on Black Ops 2 there is ZERO advantage of having the Awareness Perk as it is broken and useless.  Sometimes I wonder if they even truly test this game before its annual release or if every game lauches as a Beta with endless patches, hotfixes, etc to come.  I have an expensive gaming headset, adjusted for COD gaming, 5.1 surround, etc.  Have audio options in Black Ops 2 set to "headphones"


      Despite this, and I have tested this perk in a private game, Awareness seems to give me no more advanced warning of an enemy than I would without Awarenss.  Also, when I tested this perk out in the private game the other player did NOT have dead silence for both times when I tested with and without Awareness. 


      Has anyone else noticed this problem.  Can anyone else duplicate my findings in the above noted private match?  I imagine if you don't use it all the time over several annual releases of COD games you may even think you hear things better, but I am telling you it truly offers ZERO advantage.


      Thank you for your responses and input.