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      Today when i was playing Black Ops 2 online, I lagged out of a game and after that, I was a prestige 0 level 1! I was a prestige 1 level 50, and I've never boosted, hacked, glitched or modded. Everything I had was completly legit! I lost everything I had unlocked until now. All my guns, camos, attachments, equipment, scorestreaks, etc! What's weird is that the calling card and emblem that i was using with this bug happened are still there, the leaderboards data is still the same, and on elite, I appear as a lvl 1 but on recent games there are all the games i played before this happened. I LOST ALL MY GOLD GUNS GOD DAMMIT. How can this be fixed? I'm on PS3 and my PSN ID is murcuzz. Thank you