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        50. Re: Are Scorestreaks Overpowered?  99-1 (Video)

        Great player + lag = Retarded game.


        Though I'm going to try some of the stuff you used.

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          51. Re: Are Scorestreaks Overpowered?  99-1 (Video)

          Dunno. Funny thing is that I don't see that many Scorestreaks. Only the lower ones... and I LIKE that.

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            52. Re: Are Scorestreaks Overpowered?  99-1 (Video)

            Great gameplay as per usual.


            I was going to start a discussion on scorestreaks myself, I've been experimenting with different setups recently and was using sentry-chopper-warthog for a while and raking in the kills with them, best game was 73-6 (I pretty much just play normal KC), I quickly noticed how they can chain together, if I get going early in the game I can get 3 of each.


            I realised I was getting these quite easily, so changed to chopper-warthog-puppies and got two sets of puppies on my first attempt. I've experimented with the lodestar and vtol but don't really like them, I want to run around collecting tags and getting gun kills while my streaks are out in play.


            Only problem for me has been I've been prestiging a lot and keep losing the higher streaks, I'm at tenth now so once I've got to 55 there won't be anymore waiting to unlock things. Once I hit 54 I'll try the VSAT-puppies-swarm combo that a lot of youtubers seem to use.


            All the streaks seem to be useful and balanced in their own way, I think the johnny five can be very effective, it doesn't always get loads of kills but seems good at keeping the enemy occupied.


            I'm always amazed that people start leaving a game as soon as high streaks are called in, I always have BE / CB / Launcher / BH classes ready to switch to. I can only think of one game I've had where I called in 3 of everything (sentry-chopper-warthog) and nobody from the enemy team left. Sometimes my team is left fighting one person, once they realise they're alone and nobody joins they leave too and the game ends in a forfeit.


            Maybe as time passes people will smarten up and build classes more wisely instead of gearing it all towards breakneck speed pacman style gameplay.

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              53. Re: Are Scorestreaks Overpowered?  99-1 (Video)

              They are absolutely NOT overpowered because it's so hard to get the higher scorestreaks.


              I have seen just a handful of  scorestreaks like dogs, swarm or even stealth chopper. Even when I experience them they don't seem that overpowered.


              My highest one selected is Lightning Strike and I only get that on the rarest of occasion.

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                54. Re: Are Scorestreaks Overpowered?  99-1 (Video)

                If people learned to create an appropriate "Defcon 1" emergency class then the high level assault type streak rewards are substantially less dangerous. Assault streaks can be shot down or killed such as dogs Swarm, VTOLs, Lodestars. And all are ineffective if you have the correct counter perk and/or simply hide indoors.

                To me the VSAT is undeniably the strongest and most awesome of them all, why? Because it's not only helping a single player achieve kills and further streak rewards, it's helping his entire team get theirs with ease too. This can considerably sway a game because you know a lot more people have either inched closer or have gained a streak reward simultaneously. If this happens with an enemy team stacking VSATs, prepare your anus!


                PS- I am NOT saying VSAT is "OP", simply that its actually the best score streak reward, for the team players out there, compared to the higher up rewards. No streak is OP in my opinion.

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                  55. Re: Are Scorestreaks Overpowered?  99-1 (Video)



                  I got there with UAV, Hunter Killer & Lightning Strike.


                  If I didn't have issues with my connection I would have got 50-60 easily on kill confirmed but apart from a few times (maybe about 10) I have never gone over 50 kills on this game yet. That's my best so far.

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                    56. Re: Are Scorestreaks Overpowered?  99-1 (Video)

                    yeah, I JUST came out of a game wherre the enemy got Dogs and Swarm and Warthog on us, I didn't leave, I got killed like 10 times but I stayed until the end, had fun trying to stay inside but also shoot the dogs while having to worry about the enemies too. 


                    Game ended and it was me and only 1 other guy left in a game of Groundwar.  Wish people would stay more.  I might have gotten my 100+ if the lobby stayed filled for the vid I posted, 5 of 9 left at game end and 99 kills. 


                    I agree on noone having air support classes, I always keep 1 class with Blind Eye and a launcher.  But it seems if I don't shoot something down, noone else does. 

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                      57. Re: Are Scorestreaks Overpowered?  99-1 (Video)

                      scorestreaks are dumb. i vote they do what IW did and bring in barebones.

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                        58. Re: Are Scorestreaks Overpowered?  99-1 (Video)

                        Actually Scorestreaks are great, love how you are much better served getting higher streaks if you play the objective.  For the first time ever, we are seeing Youtubers play the objective to get their high kill game, no more running past the flag!


                        Although I agree, there should be a barebones mode, I don't think many people play that though.

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