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    Why Destroy Helicopter & Pave lows? I Hate Those People

      That's right, I hate people who destroy every helicopter and pave low, why use a launcher, please instead use Blind eye

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          I don't even use choppers in my killstreaks anymore.  Such a waste when they're down before they even get a shot off.

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            Guess I am just used to MW2 when the air support could actually do something so I always have a Stinger for my secondary. I'm also trying to get a few gold guns so having a secondary makes me try using it instead and takes away from kills towards the gold guns so I carry the launcher instead. I honestly also love being the jack*** who destroys your Osprey after you worked your butt off to get it by camping in the corner the entire match. Not sure what it is, I just get a kick out of taking down peoples airsupport before it even gets on the map, it makes me smile knowing that some 12 year old who just camped to get that kill streak is crying to his mom because his Hind was destroyed before it could even get into the airspace.


            In all seriousness though, I do get caught on maps all the time with a team that doesn't run blind eye or have it as one of their specialist perks and we get slaugtered by enemy air support so I just like to have a stinger handy in case I get on one of those real terrible TDM teams. I also like to run sleight of hand on most of my classes since I reload often so there is a chance I haven't gotten to BE yet in my specialist streak so nice to have the anti-air capability.

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              I do have Blind Eye - On my class I'm going to use to shoot down your Helicopters.  lol


              I shoot them down because I want my team to win and hardly anyone else ever takes care of them - so I do.

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                I still hate those people. Grrrr.  But I'm used to call at least 2 attacks helicopters in every match but i get really annoying when my pave low takes down, but what can i do, i'll keep playing no matter those people

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                    i hate it when people take down my choppers but i take out support when i have a bad team so i cant moan about it.i manily use 3 5 7 killstreaks and just think of chopper kills as a bonus.if the stinger wasnt in the game then it would be very unbalanced and would create a camping playstyle in most of us.i know if i went for an osprey gunner it would be taken down so i dont use it.if people could bring in air support without it being shot down there would be a huge increase in people camping just because the reward for an ac130 or an osprey gunner would be worth it.this would increase the majority of us gamers to be enraged by consistent camping.i dont look forward to the day when 95% of the community start camping for killstreaks so i hope the anti aircraft firepower stays in cod and would like to see stronger sam turrets or similar added to future games.i will never understand peoples need to play just for killstreaks.i think cod has never needed them and would only get better if the were removed.lets face it halo dosnt have them and i never saw people camp on there.killstreaks are just an incentive to camp so thats what will continue to happen.if you read this fully and are now angry then my work here is done

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                        I don't mind the killstreaks I don't play for 'em I just like to play the game.  I doon't mind the campers cause there gonna die one way or another lol.  I use to camp until I got bored of it so now I play war like.  Clear every area before running in.  For instance some people run in and get lucky or die.  Before I go in I either through a flash, frag or by simply just turn the corner fire a few rounds at the target duck back and do it again till he's dead.  You get a lot more kills in a row that way.  I don't understand how so many people have problems with Hinds because I get 'em all the time and never lose a single one.  I only seem to have problems with centries and trying to get to your assault drone before someone else does.