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    LAG vs Treyarch

      Last night I played BLOPS2 PS3 solidly from 8pm through to 1am (UK time) and experienced the worse lag I have ever endured in this game since buying it. According to weapon performance data my gun (scorpion evo with FMJ, heavy barrel and grip ) standard should kill with between 4-6 shots on target, the gun has a normal clip size of 32, this is therefore between 5.3-8 times the possible amount of bullets to kill the enemy. My confussion however comes with how many bullets it would take for me to get a kill, this is a minimum of 32.... On one occasion last night as ann example I happened to find myself in a room behind an enemy player (overlooking the B flag on raid, C side) pulled the trigger (with full clip) all shots were on target as I fired from point blank (this is a 4 shot kill according to the stats with standard weapon), as I fired the last bullet I hit reload to find the opposition player turning around and killing me instantly. TBH on the animation on my screen the guy had bearly turned 90° when I was a full 180° behind him! I continued to watch the kill cam and aparently before I even got a shot off the guy had turned around a full 180° and killed me. I know that this is due to lag compensation analising what the so called host would have seen at a particular time (not blaming the lag comp before anyone starts saying im an idiot and don't understand it) but I really don't like how it all works. I am not saying that I tressure my K.D but a normal game for me can range anywhere between 1.5 - 3.0 K.D due to the lag though last night my average was somewhere in the region of 0.4 which did p**s me off!


      On numourous times last night I also found myself hosting the game, guessing this is due to the quality of my connection. If the above is correct with regards to lag comp then surely what I see is gospel, erm no! This means that all the ammo in my weapon couldn't kill a dying dog! If it is the case that LAG COMP matches up external parties with the time frame of the host how the f**k is it that the host always seems to have the worst experience?


      Pleople in the know say that the internet you pay for means nothing when it comes to online gameplay, however I will disagree with this as from what I can tell the LAG is somehow tied into this. I pay for 30mb broadband my ISP is Virgin (they will be doubling my bandwidth soon as well) at the playstation the performance reads 28.6 down 2.4 up. This should be perfectly adequate for online gaming! How is it that despite my connection which coincidentally provides a 4bar line quality on BLOPS2 (never drops) is it that I experience the lag but my opposition never seems to have a problem?


      According to Treyarch this is all in my imagination, but should try port forwarding (how this will make any difference I don't know as no other internet traffic from my end anyway is occuring). I am getting extremely pi*sed off with the actual problems in this game and would like for someone to sort their s**t out and fix the fcuking problem! Not nerf the guns as it's hard enough to get a kill with the LAG!!!

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          Re: LAG vs Treyarch

          go buy 3G WIFI lol i have fiber 100MB/50MB and i lag like a b!cth

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              Re: LAG vs Treyarch

              We shouldn't have to though! since cod 4 I have been trying to improve my game in many ways but got to a stage where I thought if I was going to compete with better players I needed to upgrade my equipment, bought better internet, TB PX5's and now because I have fast internet I;m the mug, because good players ue their ears to listen if someone is sneaking up on you I'm a mug, wtf..... lets make it so anyone who hasn't played the game with a good connection play on a s**t one and own everyone then listen to them being smug over their mics and stating that I'm just using lag as an excuse for their superior skill levels, MY ARSE!!

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                  Re: LAG vs Treyarch

                  Thats the way it was for me all time with MW3, 95% of the time the game lagged so badly i might as well have been throwing snowballs at other players while walking through mud with lead boots on.


                  I tried every possible combination of router settings, tried uploading and downloading huge torrent files and nothing worked..


                  Eventually i gave up and reset my router to its default setting with upnp switched on and went and played something else (GT5).


                  The kicker now is,with no changes to my router or network settings BO2 runs very well, with very little lag, i get the very occaisional laggy game and just the odd lag spike here and there.

                  I have read a few similar posts from people who have reverted all their settings back to the default for BO2 and are not getting as much lag all the time.

                  Maybe that could be a solution for some people who changed their settings to accomodate MW3 or maybe its just pure luck. I dont know, all i know is with my router setting back to default i am not having any really bad lag problems..


                  I hope you can get yours sorted out because i know how frustrating it is to have a well above average ISP and still feel like you run dial up

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                      Re: LAG vs Treyarch

                      I did experience lag with MW3 but never altered any router settings, just played BF3 then towards october of this year started plying MW3 again just to get a feel for it, the lag was still there but not as bad. Now I play BLOPS2 and the lag effects me worse than ever! I feel so angry when this game doesn't play as it should becasue if it did it would be my favourite from the whole COD series!

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                          Re: LAG vs Treyarch

                          My brother who lives in the same area as i do and has the same ISP and speed had the same problems with MW3, but like me is not having them with BO2, i cant explain it, its the total opposite of MW3..

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                    Re: LAG vs Treyarch

                    Lag plagues me at times 75% at least


                    So i have been playing around with my router settings


                    I started off putting my PS3 into a DMZ and opening ALL ports to the PS3 ......

                    this did not help or hurt with the lag


                    Then just for the heck of it i changed my NAT settings to Strict  (or secured on my router software)


                    and this did made a difference.........i played for 3 nights using this setting and the lag almost left completely, and what little i did experience i could deal with by just slowing down a little


                    The Problem i hit was i could not Join 95% of my friends or clanmates .......i would try to accept an invite ....i would get a server error msg ......it would just read "server error"   i got the same msg if i tried to join a game in progress

                    My friends got the same type of msg when they tried to accept my invites or join me in progress

                    I had to be lucky enough for the one or two friends that i could join to be online so i could party up with them and the rest of the group


                    I contribute the loss of laggy games with the strict NAT setting to me NOT being picked as the Host

                    the three nights i played under this setting, i was never picked as host


                    So i changed my NAT setting back to OPEN .....the lag returned within 20 minutes of gameplay......so i started backing out of games (i know i rage quit) but everytime i backed out ....i saw the host migriation window come up as i would exit


                    I understand the game selects one of us to be the host and that in a perfect world it should rotate between the players with simular connections......but i think something is not working correct ...if you have the strongest signal or whatever the game looks for........once you are picked you stay picked

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                        Re: LAG vs Treyarch

                        I wouldn't mind being host if it worked like it used to and the host had a slight advantage, why the f**k did they change this??? If people were getting owned (like me before I upragded my kit) then f*****g upgrade!!

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                            Re: LAG vs Treyarch

                            I could deal with hosting if it worked as it should, (rotate between players) ......even if i got owned while being host, if i knew the next game someone else would be carrying the load, .......but it seems to me once your picked as host your  it does not rotate unless there is a large turnover in the lobby you are in ......if the same players stay game after game, the same person is stuck being host......it like it takes a number of players entering or leaving a lobby to trigger the rotation.....without the the turnover in players it stays the same

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                          Re: LAG vs Treyarch

                          Mate, I definitely know what you're talking about!




                          That's MY problem. It is almost the same as yours.

                          Why do we have to play with a disadvantage even though we HAVE the better connection and we DO pay more money to have it.


                          What the f* has happened to online gaming?

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                            Re: LAG vs Treyarch

                            I always get this. firing half or a whole clip into someone and they just turn, smile and insta kill me. I have fast net and ping and have tried all port forwarding etc. Its the game....


                            I have 60mb fibre optic and my ping is usually 15 - 25


                            If i don't get a clip of hit markers then i don't get a single shot off. Its one or the other so its always off for me.....

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                              Re: LAG vs Treyarch

                              A lot of people suffering seem to have fibre optic broadband. I also think Virgin Media is poor for gaming as most uk players who suffer lag have VM as their ISP

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                                Re: LAG vs Treyarch

                                I cant play since last patch..


                                My clan mates say something is going on with me, that I lost my aim, or speed, or that Ive forgot what ive learned lol...


                                Im in my 6th or 7th day now where what I see and what killcams show are nothing related... In killcam im shooting in directions where no one is there (while in my monitor they were where I was shooting at).. For several times ive kniffed dudes for 3 times, only to watch them turn around and kill me lol... This is behond ridiculous...


                                Its not that I see them lagging, like on MW3, where I saw them "blinking" while they moved.. No, I see them clearly, I aim, I shoot first, and im dead after my first shot... Im already ready to brake this game disc in two, really...

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                                    Re: LAG vs Treyarch

                                    Exactly the same experiance here fella!

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                                        Re: LAG vs Treyarch

                                        I dont want to say its good to know, but I knew already: cant be just me playing like this..


                                        I can easily go like 10-20....


                                        In my 5th time or so of kniffing two or three times a dude that then turns around and kills me...I went to Theater to upload that video but guess what? My PS3 froze!...


                                        They see me where I shouldnt be seen, in killcam I have half of my body being shown... I literally get out of bullets only to see the dudes kill me with 2 or 3 bullets.. I guess game is running fine for a lot of folks i mean I see lots of people running with knives only and stuff like that so...


                                        Yesterday I was even stationary, ADS'ing, I see a guy, start firing my weapon and guess what?? Guy runs, climbes the stairs and knifes me in the face.... Like WHAT THE HELL???


                                        I have near 500 Wins, despite im playing 1 sec behind 95% of everyone... Im a good player, a strategical one, but my head is near of popping out, I mean, just some crazy dude like me will play day after day always praying "please let me kill dudes before I go out of bullets"... But no, everyday the same thing... Dam Im tired of this...

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                                      Re: LAG vs Treyarch

                                      I live in the Netherlands and since update1.04 my game experience became better, finally being matched up with people from my own country less lag and no wtf moments anymore.

                                      Before patch 1.04 matchmaking and gameplay was a *****, I couldn't win a fight at all.


                                      My isp: UPC_NL



                                      Ping:15ms to a server 250 km away, with 1ms jitter.


                                      Gave my ps3 a static ip with callofduty gameports forwarded to it

                                      Set the mtu on my ps3 and router to 1472.

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                                        Re: LAG vs Treyarch

                                        The quality of your Internet Service has no way an effect on the quality of others, nor does it seem to have an effect on whom you are matched with (damn, I wish it did though).


                                        (not directed at you): People should stop thinking that their ntwork should guarantee them a good experience. This falsly leads people to believe that having "better" service screws them over. The bottom line is: if you are matched properly to a host, that in no way means that everyone in the lobby is going to be properly matched, at all hours of the day.  Your best bet is to put your preferences to best, hope that you get matched with others who have done the same; and if you note things are piss poor, backout and try again.


                                        And hopefully you will not get put on probation

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                                            Re: LAG vs Treyarch

                                            I have set my preference to best, I have tried backing out and searching for different lobbies but all I ever seem to get is lag. Even in a game that starts ok like dom I have started off in the first round i could be 25-5 4caps 8 defends top of the leaderboard and then in the second round (without any host migration) playing exactly the same it all goes to s**t and i end up 30-42 its a joke! The matchmaking is useless, I even found lobbies that had people from the UK in them (where im from) I still had the same problems! How on earth do you counter lag and therefore start enjoying the game???

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