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        I personally expect a few people to flank an objective, or building, attacking it from the rear. I usually anticipate this, and I'm always right! Within about 20 seconds maximum, somebody will appear, and I'll be waiting!


        I don't think this has anything to do with Ghost! It's just strategy and tactics.....

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          Yeah I understand that in objective modes there are only certain routes to get to objectives, which are easily covered. But I mostly play KC & TDM which means the objective is to kill people and spawns are constantly flipping and i still get killed by guys who know I'm coming.

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            Jaggajatt187 wrote:


            Before 1.04 I knew that ghost wasn't working properly because I was getting killed by guys that had to have known I was on the radar. I'd be running without stopping to flank the enemy team and a guy would be in perfect position to kill me. In the kill cam it show's the guy going out of his way to kill me as if he saw me on the mini map (and no he wasn't camping). This hasn't really changed since 1.04, there are still times when it feels like ghost isn't working even though my arrow on the mini map is transparent and I haven't stopped at any point. Maybe It's all in my head but anyone else feel the same way?


            I use the supressor and adjustable stock on all my AR's, when the enemy UAV's up I rarely stop moving, crouch or go prone and its like the enemy still knows exactly where I am. I run the launcher on most of my Ghost classes now, which is sort of redundant but it solves the problem temporarily.

            Hate to break it to you, but ghost doesn't make you invisible! Its a perk that removes you from the HUD when a UAV is up! That's it! Nothing more. Amazing so much hoopla for one silly perk that doesn't do much. Problem is you think you have become immune to someone's vision, I do not pay attention to my HUD I work with sight, sound and basic common sense!

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              I am also experiencing this problem, before 1.04 I used to run circles around people without them noticing, after 1.04 it's almost like Ghost doesn't even work and people know exactly where I am. Yea I agree bring back Assassin, Ghost is no good.



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                I noticed before the patch when I used ghost looking at the HUD minimap the icon changes when you can't be detected but playing around a bit every time I aim down sights with my gun even if I move while I'm doing it I become visible on the map.

                I think aiming down sights cancles the ghost perk still happens to me after the patch, so I just use flak jacket now for perk 1 even though it doesn't seem to work half the time against any explosives.

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                  This perk destroyed the CoD franchise. Nobody used stealth perks in Black Ops, then when MW3 came along everyone used Assassin because it was a super-perk. Treyarch have made Black Ops 2 to try and swerve everything back to the way it used to be and the amount of people that say Assassin was the best thing ever OBVIOUSLY have no skill.


                  I'm actually happy Ghost is broken, because it means you need to rely on your own skill. If you need Ghost and you're still going bad with it, then go and sell your disc.

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                    THAT is the words of a good player. Soundwhoring takers more skill than hiding.

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                      Flak Jacket works for me, always has... I do lose to C4's and that's it.

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                        If you put it that way then UAVs are for none skilled people?

                        Cause most people are using UAVs in this game, its the first SS that you can get.

                        So most of the time they will know where you are, they will go to a spot where they will wait for you and camp until they kill you. That is not nice right?

                        Having ghost on your class is like having a stinger to destroy uavs but, ghost is safer cause you dont have to stop and look to the sky for few seconds.

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                          this is right, predictable paths is so right, and i constantly spin around while im moving to keep checking my rear, most people have forward vision only and dont think to constantly check their rear

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